17 million people enjoy the uk outdoor breaks in 2016

If you ever needed to be convinced that camping and glamping UK breaks were a fantastic and popular option for anyone looking for some time away, then surely the recent news that a record four in 10 Britons confirming they enjoyed a minimum of one night out in the elements in 2016, proves it?

Hope the Gypsy Wagon at Quality Unearthed

According to latest figures, a total of greater than 17 million camping and caravanning trips were said that have been made in 2016, including luxury camping/glamping, with 15 million of them being enjoyed right here in the UK! The fact that all but two million were experienced in Great Britain goes to show that the staycation is thriving, and with good reason. When you consider the high-quality options available from the likes of us here at Quality Unearthed, those city hotel breaks just don’t compare.

As we touched on, these camping experiences were inclusive of a range of options that included safari tents, treehouses, luxury yurts, shepherd’s huts, as well as eco lodges and gypsy-style luxury caravans. Motorhomes and holiday lodges also featured in the compilation of abodes that made up the new figures.

Looking to 2017

As we begin the New Year, it is expected that we will see an increase on the number of camping, caravanning and glamping trips in by UK residents, from the current 17 million, to almost a million more, with the estimation set at 17.9 million for 2017. What’s even more exciting is that experts are forecasting this is to grow even more as popularity and interest catch on and up to 21 million people will venture to the range of abodes on offer to see what makes them so exciting and alluring to so many.

The notion that people are able to get away from the stresses and strife that come with day-to-day life is among the main attractions for the current crop of people opting to head on a camping holiday, with ‘connecting with nature’ also being a major pull too. Again, little wonder when we consider the vast array of beauty and wonder on offer through the nature and wildlife in the country we call home!

Furthermore, it was stated that one in seven love nothing more than the opportunity to be disconnected from technology, allowing them to detach from Wi-Fi and internet altogether- a tech detox if you will.

Other factors

Additional factors in the ever-growing rise of the camping break were stated, including cheaper petrol prices as well as the general popularity that has been shown towards the staycation holiday trend. This is something people in the industry have noticed for some time and it is now becoming apparent that staycationing is recruiting more loyal fans by the day.

Another reason why experts claim the appeal of camping has seen a healthy upturn is because of the attractiveness and appeal of TV survival shows featuring Ray Mears, Bear Grylls and Robson Green have brought about. We have to admit, seeing Ray doing his thing out among the natural world is somewhat inspiring, even to the converted!

Are you interested?

Have you yet to give the staycation or glamping trip a go? Now’s as good a time as any, and we’re sure that if you get the right location and the right abode, you simply won’t look back! A luxury camping trip can do wonders for the mind, body and soul, whether it be with a loved one or the whole family, so why not take a look and see what we have on offer that catches you eye?

Why choose Quality Unearthed?

Glamping, luxury camping and unique holidays in the UK are about the experience: an unusual place to stay, an open camp fire, a log burner… allowing you to enjoy freedom of space and proximity to nature without compromising on your home comforts. We have handpicked some of the best alternative abodes in the UK, all of which are set in areas of outstanding natural beauty, to provide you with all the ingredients for your most memorable vacation yet. Our locations don’t only offer simply breath-taking escapes, they also provide visitors with a whole range of activities to truly enhance your unique holiday experience, right here in the UK. Whether you are seeking the perfect place to unwind with a loved one or you want to enjoy precious family time, you will find the perfect destination through us here at Quality Unearthed.

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