Yesterday (March 22) marked the 22nd anniversary of World Water Day, first introduced by the United Nations General Assembly. We’d be nothing without the wet stuff.

Water is a finite resource, contrary to belief, and we only have what we have, weird thought when it totally tips it down for half the year, right? There’s around 332,500,000 cubic miles of water on earth, but only one-hundredth of one percent of the world’s water is readily available for human usage, just let that sink in for a minute! With that in mind, are you thinking that you need to start viewing this precious, vital piece of our lives with a slightly different outlook, more respect perhaps?

So in order to celebrate the wet goodness we adore so much, why not soak up these 18 fascinating facts we have for you to dive in to:


A giant red tap expelling water Rainwater that once fell on our luxury camping UK accommodation.
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1. The typical human body is compiled of between 50 to 65% water.

2. Furthermore, new born babies have even more than that, with as much as 78% water.

3. Water dominates Earth by covering 70.9% of our planet’s surface.

4. 97% of the water on Earth is salt water; the water found in the Earth’s lakes, rivers, ponds, swamps ,streams, and the like accounts for a mere 0.3% of the world’s fresh water. The rest is trapped in glaciers or is located in the ground.

5. More water can be found in the atmosphere than in all of our rivers collectively.

6. If all of the water vapour in our planet’s atmosphere fell as water in one go and spread out in an even fashion, it would only cover the Earth with around 2 ½ cm of water!

7. You know the bottled water that is lauded up? Well, more than a quarter of all that bottled water comes from a municipal water supply – the very same place that tap water comes from.

8. Since the average tap releases 2 gallons of water in a single minute, you have the ability to save up to four gallons of water EVERY MORNING by turning off the tap while you’re brushing your teeth.

9. A bath uses as much as 70 gallons of water, where as a 5min shower only uses 10 to 25 gallons- hence why you don’t see baths in glamping accommodation (as a rule), and you’ll not find one in our Sussex treehouse glamping retreat either.

10. Typically, an American resident will use around 100 gallons of water in a day.

11. Typically, a European resident will use around 50 gallons of water in a day.

12. Typically, a resident of sub-Saharan Africa will use just 2 to 5 gallons of water in a day.

And on average:

1. It requires 2.6 gallons of water to make a sheet of paper.

2. It requires 6.3 gallons of water to make 17 ounces of plastic.

3. It requires 924 gallons of water to produce 1kg of rice.

4. It requires 2,641 gallons of water to make a single pair of jeans.

5. It requires 3,962 gallons of water to produce 1kg of beef.

6. And finally, it requires 39,090 gallons of water to produce a new car.

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