20 outdoor activities to add to your 2017 bucket list

Creating a yearly bucket list is a great way to start planning your trips away, and to spur you on to accomplish all the little and large things you wish to throughout the year. A little different to a New Year’s resolution, a bucket list should be made up of all the things you want to do, be it taking a glamping trip to Devon or experiencing the adrenaline inducing experience of Zip World in North Wales! Make 2017 the best year yet by taking some inspiration from these 20 activities that you should definitely add to your bucket list!

eco pods and yurt holidays on the 2017 bucket list


Glamping is the perfect activity for a long week away, and with such a wide range of exciting abodes to choose from, there is something to fit every taste. Take a look at our yurt holidays, treehouses and eco pods and see what takes your fancy!

Plant something

January is the perfect time to take a look at your own back garden and begin to plant things that will bloom in the spring. This gives you a little time outdoors with a purpose, and many find this to be a very relaxing and fruitful experience!

Have an outdoor fire

There is nothing quite like having a roaring fire outdoors, toasting marshmallows and singing songs on a summer’s evening! You must ensure that your outdoor fire is safe, but don’t worry, we have a guide coming up for that very soon.

sunrise on our yurt holidays

Catch a sunrise

The winter is the perfect time to catch a sunrise, as the sun rises much later in the mornings. These can be quite spectacular, and although similar to a sunset, a sunrise has its own special charm about it.

Watch live music at an outdoor event

Throughout the year there is a vast variety of outdoor events held, from small family run festivals to larger ones that attract people from across the world! Head to one of these events and watch a band play live; it is incomparable to simply hearing them through your headphones!

Attend a BBQ

Whether you chose to host your own BBQ or attend someone else’s, this is an absolute bucket list must, in fact, the sky’s the limit, attend as many BBQs as you can!

stargazing on a glamping holiday

Go stargazing

Stargazing is such an incredible experience, in a serene setting watching the stars twinkle above, even with very little knowledge of the sky you can get a lot out of a stargazing trip. A must-do for 2017, particularly if you have never been before!

Explore somewhere new

There are so many hidden gems spread all across the UK, and finding them is much easier than you might think. Explore somewhere new, from somewhere right on your doorstep that you’ve never visited, to a far out location elsewhere in the UK.

strawberry picking near our glamping holidays

Pick berries at a local farm

Kids in particular absolutely love to go out picking strawberries on a summer’s day. In the countryside these farms are dotted all over and you can ensure that this will be a fruitful trip! Made into preserves or jams or even simple eaten fresh, these sweet treats are a true delight!

Go swimming in the sea or a lake

Wild swimming is a completely different experience to that of a swimming pool, the water is a little colder and will likely have a bit more movement, but nothing compares to the freeness you’ll feel as you float in the sea!

Challenge yourself

Your bucket list should certainly include a challenge, from facing a fear of heights at Zip World in North Wales to embarking on an expedition on the South West Coast Path; this helps your brain to function more efficiently and has even been proven to improve your memory.

woman relaxing in the sunshine

Relax in the sunshine

We’re sure that you don’t need this to be written on a list to fulfil this dream, relaxing in the sunshine is a given in the summer, however, it is important to make time to let yourself relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of nature.

Build a sandcastle

Do you want to build a sandcastle? 2017 is the year to do it, and if you think your skills are up to the challenge, why not enter a local sandcastle building competition? This is a great activity for big kids and little kids, letting your inner child run free in a creative way!

Go geocaching

Download the app and take a trip out Geocaching to find some hidden treasures. This is a great way to explore your local area as they often lead to some of the most beautiful areas in nature!

road trip around the UK

Take a road trip

Why not get a group of friends together and plan a road trip? This means that you can stop off at many areas and get to know the UK a little better. Why not stop off at one of our glamping holiday locations on your way to sleep under the stars in luxury?

Enter a running race

You don’t have to be a 4th time marathon runner to enter a running race, as there are so many events throughout the year that are suitable for the rookies amongst us, from colour runs (where you can run whilst powder paint is thrown at you, it is more enjoyable than it sounds we promise!) to the London marathon, pick a race that you can conquer and get out and about.

Watch the sunset

If you manage to see the sunrise, then you will definitely be seeing a sunset. Search out the perfect location and this could be one of the most romantic evenings of the year. Bring a picnic and you’ve got a match made in heaven!

woman reading a book by the sea

Read a book outdoors

If you are looking for a little quiet time, take your book to the local park, beach or even to your back garden, then you can immerse yourself in the story as the sun shines on your face and the wind rustles your hair, bliss!

Go on a bike ride

Not been out cycling in a while? Then this is your chance, cycling is a really powerful exercise that tests your body and can strengthen your muscles as well as improving your overall health. It doesn’t matter if you only take a quick 20-minute ride, or end up rolling down the roads for hours, as long as you enjoy your time!

Dance in the rain

Just because the weather is a little wet doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun! Dancing in the rain lets you free your mind of all your worries and do something a little silly. Pop on some wellies and a jacket and embrace the Great British weather!

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