So many new and returning visitors get to experience the amazing accommodation we have for glamping in Wales. A glamping Pembrokeshire holiday, is the ideal opportunity for taking yourself away to go to a magnificent location and we have something to make your holiday a magical one no matter where the location. On the topic of magical, we did some searching around the globe and we’ve put together a collection of some of the most magical and inspiring houses on the planet.
It’s not always about how big or how much space you have, how many bedrooms, the size of the kitchen or the appliances you fill your home with, sometimes it’s simply about living out the fairy-tale you’ve always dreamed of regardless of size and possessions.

Hobbit House In New Zealand

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So many people choose yurt holidays UK in order to sample the quality and essence of what it is like to enjoy a life ‘off the grid.’ There is a family, who in 2008, took their love of living a unique life in a home that many could only dream of into a permanent residence. Located near the centre of Festus, Missouri, United States, the Sleeper family were granted the occupancy following checks from city officials to live full time in their spectacular cave home.
Cave Home - Living Off The Grid - Glamping UK
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Krowji Creative Hub | Funding Boost Cornwall Craft Centre | Quality Unearthed GlampingOne of Cornwall’s most important creative hubs is set to double in size after being granted £3.7m of European funding.

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So many of us are living our day-to-day lives in high intensity environments which has caused more and more people to begin swaying towards the need to find a place of outer and inner calm. Our glamping UK vacations are a perfect chance for this but a superb example of taking things one step further comes from the couple who used their time and initiative to leave their jobs and build their dream home….made from recycled windows over-looking a lake.
Dream Home - MadeFrom Recycled Windows - Perfect Glamping Ideas
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As advocators for eco-living it was only natural that when we heard this story of a miniature ecosystem living for the last 40 years having been completely sealed off from the outside world. I’m sure some of us would like the opportunity to do this ourselves at times, and although a good luxury camping UK holiday can help, we do so often have to return to normality. However, this indoor variety of spiderworts (or Tradescantia, to go by the plant species’ official scientific Latin name) has thrived, filling its spherical bottle home with vigorous foliage.
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