As the thought of thousands of revellers departing their Glastonbury glamping experience of a lifetime this weekend surrounded by inspirational people and ideas for upcycling it reminded us of the story of two talented men who are making the most of something that would normally be disregarded or left to rot, transforming it back to life in another capacity.
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The purists who love yurt holidays UK and other forms of getting back to nature won’t be too happy with this but in today’s society and particularly in the festival environment it has become vital to stay in touch with the world digitally. Luckily for the 115,000 or so Glastonbury attendees this year the network provider EE has stepped in with the least incognito looking flock of Wi-Fi equipped cows ever, but they’re pretty cool.

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People who live in the cities here will appreciate how Vietnam’s city dwellers might struggle with day to day hustle and bustle and the space, or lack of it, which the homes have for lots of people.  Many homes in Vietnam struggle to even get plant pots in them so renowned architect Vo Trong Nghia chose to show what can be done to change perceptions of space and construct a house that functions as a number of pots for trees, leading to him winning an acclaimed UK award in the process.
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When you arrive at your luxury glamping Wales location, or when searching for the yurts North Wales has for a vacation you’ll no doubt see the solar powered showers. This is all part of the clean living holiday you are enjoying and it works wonderfully. But what better way is there to prove the potential of renewable solar energy than to sail around the world in a boat that’s running on nothing but that solar energy?
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How many people made daisy chains while lying on the grass as a kid? Sure, we all gave it a go at some point and we thought it was pretty artistic, right? It’s a timeless skill that you can teach your kids while you relax outside your luxury camping Glastonbury accommodation. But have you ever considered making art from the animals and insects that walk among us in nature?
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Something to make your yurt holidays more enjoyable in the knowledge that you’re not the only ones who are doing their bit for the environment by choosing these eco-friendly options. A rather exciting new story that could have some major repercussions across for changing energy use across the world once the story of El Hierro, the smallest of the Canary Islands, makes big waves in the news when it becomes the first island in the entire world to go completely energy self-sufficient.
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