It’s important to understand and appreciate your heritage and the same applies to the beautiful abode of the Yurt. A definition of a yurt describes it as a portable dwelling of Central Asian nomads.

Shakti Yurt - Gower Peninsular
Shakti Yurt, Gower Peninsular

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If you ask us it’s our glamping yurt holidays South Wales offer (amongst others of course) that are keeping the population of the UK happy but apparently research it’s something to do with serious grown up stuff like the improving economy? Research published by the Office for National Statistics has indeed confirmed that we are the happiest we’ve been for years though.
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Here at Quality Unearthed we love anything that’s good for the environment, and especially when the initiative in question is saving lives in more than one way. The news that an innovative scheme to power life-saving ambulance equipment through roof-top solar panels reached us here and we just had to share this wonderful idea! The scheme has seen a funding boost from the Government as the bods in charge of the country look to cut pollution from more than 1,000 public sector vehicles.
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They might not drop you off to your destination to go glamping in Sussex just yet but the idea has been mooted by the guy behind the idea that London buses could one day be fuelled by coffee leftovers after a project to turn grounds into biofuel. Did we mention that this exciting project won a European environmental prize?
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This is definitely not something you will not have to contend with while on yurt holidays in Pembrokeshire, and that’s probably why you would choose a holiday of this genre over something that is city break orientated for example. I digress, so I’ll get back on track. A smartphone lane has been created for those many people we see constantly who simply cannot wait until they stop to use their techy devices, such as phones and MP3 players etc.
A special 50-metre walking lane has been laid out in the Chinese city of Chongqing
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Eating fresh fish is healthy, we know that. But it’s also a great way to try local delicacies too. Additionally, it provides those with children with a great opportunity to get them to try something they never have before, and it’ll taste even better if they’ve caught it themselves!

If you are in luxury camping locations near the coast such as our Isle of Wight luxury camping destination for example then this is the perfect chance to try what’s on offer. But if you are stuck for ideas on how to cook these tasty little fellas then check out our recipe:
Beautiful Local Mackerel | Prepared to be cooked | Glamping Holiday Recipes

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4 life tips to help you lead a more fulfilled life

Nobody’s perfect, right? We all have room to improve. It’s easy to get stuck in a routine but if you feel you want to make some small changes that will cause you to have a more fulfilled life then you’re on the right path. There’s nothing like a treehouse holiday or a magical glamping vacation to make you realise just what the important things in life are. Treehouse holidays take you back to your childhood and re-immerse you in memories before the trouble of being a grown up came along and ruined it all. Glamping holidays in yurts and cute hideaway huts can also capture the part of you that needed awakening too, and here are 4 life tips that could help you life a more wholesome existence: 

Tim and Sarah of glamping company Quality Unearthed

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