Let’s be honest, how many of us go foraging for foods these days? This used to be regular practice but times have changed. However, there’s recently been a revitalisation of interest in people looking into what is available straight form nature’s ‘food aisles’.

We can argue that this is partly thanks to amplified awareness that has been publicised regarding the health benefits of wild food along with the TV adventures of outdoor high-energy explorers such Bear Grylls, and Ray Mears.

Foraging gives you the chance, as with UK glamping accommodation, for you to get in touch with nature and away from the urbanised culture we associate our lives with nowadays.

Don’t just head out and start foraging unprepared in the knowledge department though as this would be a very risky move. If you are a beginner, you should be aware that while wild food is generally good for you, but informing yourself of precautions and getting some tips and advice from experienced foragers is critical.

That’s where we can help. Let’s take a look at our 6 favourite options and have some fun foraging! 

Berry Picking | Old Family Photo | Foraging & Glamping

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There are many reasons why you should give glamping a go, but if you’ve never been and you need that extra push in the right direction before you delve into a holiday of a lifetime that will change how you go about booking holidays forever then let us be your guide!
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We are treated to such a wealth of glamping options these days when it comes to glamping holidays in wagons, huts, or indeed in caravans which brings us to the focus of our feature.

We love the weird and wonderful and quirky is good as far as we’re concerned but we’re pretty amazed by some of these caravan creations that we have decided to include in our list.

Which one is your personal favourite?

The Camper Bicycle | Strange Glamping Options | Luxury Camping At Its Most Odd
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What music do you like to listen to when you are on your way to work or relaxing at home? Is there anything that instantly perks you up? Is it hip-hop? Probably not I hear you say. Well now there are claims that if you aren’t listening to hip-hop and you fancied avoiding the feeling of depression then you should press play on some of this popular genre.

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I love treehouses, you love treehouses, and treehouse’s are generally just amazing right? But when did we first fall in love with treehouses? Was it as a child when you were fortunate enough to have one in your own garden or were you the adventurous type who went and built one in the local woods in secret?

Well for me, I longed to have a treehouse as a child and never had the chance to build one so it wasn’t until I went on the first of my many treehouse holidays that I got to truly appreciate the magic they bring.

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