Ice Age Under Water Forest | Cley next to the Sea Norfolk | Near QU Norfolk Glamping Accommodation

This isn’t something you would expect to come across when you’re out diving, but a rather surprised diver stumbled across an unbelievable 10,000-year-old pre-historic forest beneath the North Sea, a mere hour’s drive from our Norfolk glamping accommodation. What’s more is that experts are said to have estimated that it could have once stretched as far as Europe.

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We’ve all had that sudden urge to just up and leave it all behind, right? You know that feeling when everything is just too much and all you want it’s the simpler things in life, like living in a secluded home disconnected from the outside world with nothing but your surroundings. Here at Quality Unearthed we get that desire too, so you’re not alone, but what if this isn’t something that could ever be reality? Here’s just the thing!
Secluded House | Tromso Norway |  Glamping
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If you are a hipster and you are flooding to the hideaway hut in Sheppey, Kent, in order to escape the stress and strains of the manic city life and reconnect with nature, find harmony as well as a slice of tranquillity then we have some good news for you!

Shepherd's Hut | Glamping Holidays UK | Quality Unearthed
‘The Hideaway’ Shepherd’s Hut, Gloucester

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Buttercup Safari Tent | Luxury Camping UK in Devon | Quality Unearthed Glamping

This is certainly one Buttercup that won’t build you up just to let you down! ‘Buttercup’ is one of our top quality ‘Albion Canvas’ glamping safari  tents in Devon, providing those looking for a luxury camping UK break, the perfect chance to experience a romantic Valentine’s holiday. Set in a meadow on a small, private Garden Centre. It is located in the countryside yet only a few minutes from the M5 – a great spot from which to explore Devon and the South West.
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Green Tea | Health Benefits of Different Teas | Tea to Drink on Glamping Holidays

The ‘anything goes’ approach to what you consume in the food and drink stakes over the festive period is well and truly complete now. This may have left you with some kind of ailment, whether that be a headache, or a dodgy tummy as a result of indulging in too many beverages. If you aren’t your usual perky self then why not consider trying a tea for a range of scenarios that you’re currently experiencing?

Tea is amazing! Tea comes in so many varieties and can help cure the things that afflict on your day-to-day life, and there’s pretty much something for everyone! Put the English breakfast back in the cupboard for a moment and try one of these 8 teas for what ails ya.
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The Wrest Park | UK's Oldest Christmas Tree | English Heritage | Glamping Holidays UK
The Wrest Park Christmas Tree as it appeared in the June 1900 edition of Gardener’s Chronicle (left). The tree as it stands curreently (right).
Credit: English Heritage

By now most of us who celebrate Christmas will have recycled or packed away our Christmas trees for another 12 months but there is one that still continues to stand tall and proud in the UK. The news comes from the cultural agency in the United Kingdom, stating that is has discovered the oldest living Christmas tree in all of Britain.

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A slightly different use for the Mongolian yurt compared to how our guests use them on their yurt holidays it must be said, but just as impressive nonetheless. We are of course talking about the great news for a Bristol-based pop-up diner, Yurt Lush, with the announcement that it has been granted an extended stay for another year, after its lease was prolonged for 2015. The café, a 70-seater eatery in the Creative Common region of Bristol, is run by Eat Drink Bristol Fashion, from three magnificent Mongolian style yurts, not dissimilar to those our guests frequent during their breaks!
Yurt Lush | Pop-Up Diner Based in Bristol | Yurt Holiday
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