There’s something very cool about a solar eclipse, and with the news that the UK is set to see a fresh and exciting new eclipse in March, we’re very excited! The last one seen in the UK was in 1999, although if you were too young to remember that one then you need not worry, because we’re going to be cast into a daytime twilight once again for this truly amazing astrological event!
Solar eclipse from 1999 in the sky above our luxury camping UK accommodation.
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You may have been to one of Pembrokeshire luxury glamping breaks in the past, or you might like the idea of a glamping trip here, I mean, who wouldn’t? And if you haven’t stayed here then you probably have yet to visit the popular hot spots across the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park of which, as lovers of the outdoors, we adore everything it has to offer. In fact we appreciate it so much so that we thought we would do a feature on it! So here are 10 facts you didn’t know about this wonderful natural attraction.
Beautiful landscaped view of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park near our Pembrokeshire luxury glamping accommodation.

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Here at Quality Unearthed we enjoy nothing more than talking all things glamping. Luxury camping UK breaks are becoming more and more popular, and with good reason. As the glamping holiday evolves for visitors globally, we, along with others are always looking to offer the finest experiences you could possibly wish for. So when we saw that the well-known and reputable publication Hotel Owner had recently produced an infographic on glamping we simply had to share with you!

A yurt in a field just one of Quality Unearthed's fine glamping UK abodes
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With spring not so far away now, and the days getting lighter, and the appeal of warmer evenings emerging once again, people are beginning to plan their glamping holidays with loved ones, friends and family. But if you have never been glamping before and you’re thinking about the possibilities then here are 7 great reasons to go on a glamping UK vacation. And with a wide range of abodes from yurts, to wagons, to treehouses and more, you can’t go far wrong!

A couple on a glamping UK holiday lying on the ground outside staring up at the stars in the sky.
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If you love a relaxing trip away glamping, South Wales has lots to offer, and Rhossili Bay on the Gower Peninsula nearby is one of a host of appealing attractions for visitors. And if you needed any more convincing, it has been revealed that the popular beach of Rhossili once again has been voted one of the best beaches in the whole of Europe by renowned travel review site Tripadvisor.

The view over Rhossili Bay on the Gower Peninsula near our South Wales glamping accommodation.
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In case you had forgotten, today is Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday. We didn’t want our happy glamping UK lovers to miss out on the action so we have sourced a healthy option for you to have a go at.

The recipe uses lots of fresh, healthy, and easily accessible ingredients, so get flippin’ and don’t forget to send us a picture of your delicious pancakes customised to your liking. Yummy!
Woman flipping a pancake as it lands on her head, while enjoying a glamping UK break with Quality Unearthed.
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Let’s be honest, most of us love a good smooch. Whether you’re kissing your child before they’re tucked in bed at night, kissing a friend on the cheek at the end of a fun evening at dinner or it’s a full on lip lock with your loved one, kissing is a lovely thing to do. But have you ever thought about it in any depth? Like why do we kiss one another? And are there any benefits? So with the prospect of Valentine’s Day only a matter of a few days away and the thought of lots of romantic breaks in places like our Norfolk glamping accommodation for instance, we thought we’d have a look at some of the interesting facts of kissing that we think you would want to know. Here goes…

Romantic breaks with a couple kissing while glamping in Norfolk

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We know that the first thing you’re thinking when you read the headline is most likely going to be related to a popular story of a few little piggies and a certain wolf having the ability to blow their houses down with relative ease. Knowing the end result of said story won’t assist in striking confidence into the hearts of any sceptics upon hearing the news that a team behind a superb new project have built a collection of homes made out of straw. We’re here to assure the sceptics and non-believers will soon be changing their opinion.

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In case you haven’t noticed, we love the outdoors, but have you ever found yourself wondering what is it about nature and the outdoors that makes us feel so good about things and feel much healthier too? Anyone who indulges in outdoor exercise (including romantic strolls near our Pembrokeshire glamping accommodation on Valentine’s Day- hint, hint) will almost certainly tell you that it is better than going to the gym for a work out too. Yes, there are a whole host of theories as to why being in nature makes us healthier, but one standout suggestion is that being outside increases our intake of Vitamin D.

A beautiful Sunset | On The Horizon Of A Gorgeous Beach | Just Part Of The Relaxation You Get With A Glamping Holiday

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We are lovers of anyone who is keen to help the environment in any way they can, and when we hear of big family attractions looking to do their bit for the cause we get even more excited! So when we heard of the news that rainwater from the region around the new Surf Snowdonia project will be filling the pools and making waves we just had to share this with our likeminded eco friends in the QU family.

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Image of what the new Surf Snowdonia attraction will look like. (Image:

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