If you didn’t spot this in the news, or hear about it through the grapevine, then where have you been? The internet was positively buzzing when our friends across the channel in France recently passed a truly amazing legislation that is quite frankly full of common sense- making it against the law for companies to purposely waste discarded food. And it’s with great thanks that this has happened due to one man in particular- Arash Derambarsh.

Arash Derambarsh the local councillor who kick-started the fight against food waste in Paris.
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A tourist attraction in North Wales has revealed plans to build a brand new water ride, with the help of a £200,000 grant from the Welsh Government. GreenWood Forest Park, near Caernarfon, is set to welcome the ride to their attraction, along with exciting plans to install a host of solar panels, which will establish 80% of the power needed for the park to run for a whole year.

GreenWood Forest Park Entrance & the New Water Slide near Quality Unearthed Glamping, North Wales.
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Breaking routine can be one of the hardest things you’ve ever had to do, particularly in the morning, and especially when that snooze button is there for tappin’! However, listen to our five habits you should include in your morning routine and you could have some exceptional effects as a result that will last all day long. Take a look and see how you can turn those early mornings from foe into friend.

The sun setting behind 5 pebbles to the right of one of our glamping UK abodes.

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The United Nations Environment Program annually honours World Environment Day on June 5 as they continue to strive for increased awareness regarding environmental issues and call for action. And recently the UN Environment Program announced the theme of 2015’s event, which will be sustainable lifestyles.
June 5 is World Environment Day: Living within Planetary Boundaries #WED2015
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Following from a joyous previous events in 2012 and 2014 we collaboratively bring you, by popular demand, Unearthed In A Field 2015. Got a hankering for some sensational musical performances while you enjoy your festival weekend, whether you’re on a luxury camping UK break or planning to sleep under the stars? There’s 15 artists Unearthed In A Field have set to perform you don’t want to miss!

Check them out below!

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Research has proved that children who spend more time outside enjoying nature have better health, suffer less anxiety, have longer attention spans, and possess the ability to handle the challenges of their school years, around the middle school period. But sadly, we often associate early adolescent girls and boys with spending more time on social media sites, smartphones, and tablets as a source of entertainment.

A girl holding a collection of books, and an apple in her classroom after a luxury camping UK break.
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