Dubai-based company Access Infra Africa (AIA) are set to launch what has been hailed as Africa’s largest privately owned solar plant in Uganda this year, which coincides with plans to advance with electricity projects in as many as 17 African countries, mainly focused around renewable energy.

Rows of solar panels creating renewable energy - Quality Unearthed
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It has recently been revealed from a study conducted by a team of scientists at Stanford University in the United States that going for a walk can in fact boost creativity levels in an individual by a massive 60 per cent!


The study was conducted using four different experiments, with 176 college students and adults taking part. Participants were tasked with completing activities that measure creative thinking, and had them perform these in a range of situations. This included sitting, and walking both indoors and out.

 A couple walking in lush green surroundings in the countryside near Quality Unearthed glamping UK accommodation.

And in case you wanted some more reasons for enjoy the pleasures and benefits of walking here are five fantastic….
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It’s officially National Recycling Week here in the UK. But while the team here at QU and the majority of our followers and guests are on top of the whole recycling thing before, during and after their glamping UK breaks, there are some people out there who might be feeling a bit behind. So if you’re after some simple pointers then look no further, we’ve got some handy tips to help you out!

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We have all just enjoyed the experience of celebrating World Environment Day, and as part of continuing our love and support for this we have some interesting facts and figures for you to get your teeth into, and the news is looking pretty good too!

The Office for National Statistics have recently compiled an assortment of UK data that highlights the contribution the environment makes to the economy, along with the impact the economy has on the environment, and some steps being taken to respond to environmental issues.

Here are 5 essential facts about the current UK environment that will please you:

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The headline may have been slightly misleading, it’s not just the queen that’s getting a helping hand. It is, in fact, all the amazing, hardworking bees in Pembrokeshire, and 12 months after the dedicated beekeeping enthusiasts in Pembrokeshire received a significant boost with the opening of the Pembrokeshire Beekeeping Centre at Scolton Manor, things are going from strength to strength.

A swarm of bees with pollen on their legs at the Pembrokeshire Beekeeping Centre at Scalton Manor.
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