Whether you’re drinking it on romantic glamping UK trips, at a party, or at home with loved ones, mulled wine is a delicious favourite over the festive period, and it’s been around a long time too, since the 2nd century in fact. The original recipes were made with a combination of red wine, a variety of mulling spices and raisins. As the ages have rolled by there have been some delicate changes as far as the recipes of mulled wine today are concerned, while still keeping in touch with their roots.

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With the festive period set to fill households around the country with all sorts of treats as people celebrate the holidays with an array of gifts for loved ones, family, and friends, we’re helping people with this informative reminder of how to stay on top of your recycling. While we openly advocate sustainable living, as a glamping UK lover does and without trying to sound like the fun police, we’re sure that, just like us, you want to make sure you do your bit and keep the recycling on point, right?

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Today, November 19th, is the date that we mark World Toilet Day, on a global scale. Whether you’re at home, or you’re on yurt glamping holidays, we’re fortunate enough to have sanitised areas to relieve ourselves. Others are not so fortunate. This may be the first time that you’ve heard about the event, but fear not, we’re here to help you get an understanding of what it’s all about. While it might sound like a jovial celebration, it actually carries a serious message and you can help spread the message.

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We know how beneficial the outdoors can be but now there are people in the French seaside town of Biarritz who have become the world’s first to be prescribed surfing lessons in a bid to elude a range of various conditions and illnesses, from depression to heart disease, and what’s more, both doctors and patients involved have reiterated the effects the treatment has had!

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Technology is great. It has connected us in a way that means information is accessible from all corners of the earth, and the rich content allows us to expand and enlighten our minds for the better. However, sometimes there can be major psychological pitfalls to the relentless connectivity that has become such a natural way of life to so many of us. More and more people are becoming aware of the perils of social media the Internet, and our fixation with technological devices, tablets and smart watches etc. but if you’d never thought about what the benefits are to detaching yourself for a period of time then we can help.


Did you know that restricting our use of our gadgets come the evening is probably a pretty smart move? Find out why, plus more, here:

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