We’ve all been there before when you can’t decide on a holiday destination with a loved one or group of friends. But sometimes it comes down to a little bit of compromise. Historically, there have been some notable compromises people have gone worked out, for example, not keen on meat, but you love the idea of a burger? Easy, dive into a veggie burger. We’re sure you can come up with compromises of your own!

A couple toasting marshmallows on an open fire outside our luxury camping safari tents

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If your highly stressful life in the modern world is getting on top of you and you need something to get you by until your next glamping trip, help is at hand. Scientists have proven that breathing in some of nature’s most enjoyable fragrances can in fact reduce the harmful effects of stress and high blood pressure so often linked with stress.


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With Valentine’s Day only two weeks away we couldn’t help but feel the love and get involved in some way.

We thought we would go one step further and not just bring you a feast of facts based around the official day of love, we thought we would instead fill you with romantic titbits about love itself.

Written with love and devotion:

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For over a decade, Michael and Denise Pfalzer worked towards a dream of living a completely sustainable life in an Earthship.

Close up of an Earthship wall similar to our eco camping pods

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If you are going on a family friendly glamping trip with a young baby who is only six months old, then why not make the trip as adventurous and exciting for them as it is for you? You can enjoy the relaxation, the tranquil nature of the surroundings, and the luxury that the accommodation offers, and your little one can experience different foods. Great for stories once they’ve gotten older, right?

Father holding 7-week old baby in a homemade baby carrier at Quality Unearthed

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