People of all ages who appreciate and enjoy learning about nature and wildlife will know (and no doubt adore) Sir David Attenborough, and now the BBC has announced that Sir David’s early natural history documentaries are going to be aired in colour in a world first, to celebrate the 90th birthday of the amazing broadcaster himself.

A black and white image of Sir David Attenborough stroking a parrot near Quality Unearthed

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Ageing is arguably the most natural thing that we can do, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay young at heart! So while you’re keeping your younger self going and not letting age affect you (we advise looking at luxury camping in Wales to help), there are a number of ‘superfoods’ that you can add to your lifestyle to help you stay younger for longer!

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We all know that being outdoors is good for you, and if you didn’t, you do now! Fresh air does all kinds of good for our respiratory systems and time in the sun (with sun cream on) generates vitamin D which is a vital vitamin for healthy bones. Furthermore, research from all over the globe is uncovering a range of reasons why time spent in the natural world is crucial to the healthy functioning of both mind and body.

A happy glamper enjoying the outdoors at a glamping UK destination

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