Ever been travelling? No? It’s great, but there are factors that can make this incredible experience affect the environment for the worse. Think about the energy and fuel it takes to transport you to these places, and the tour trips on coaches, etc. So what can we do to help reduce these factors? Well, how about you follow these six simple steps we have on saving energy and reducing waste in your quest to become the best green traveller you can be?

A Girl on a glamping UK adventure

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A groundbreaking project has just begun in China, where the first ever pollution fighting city is being built. This city is a revolutionary step that has been commissioned by Liuzhou Municipality Urban planning for the north of Liuzhou along the Liujiang River. With the hopes of a better future, this forest city could be the start of a worldwide design project if successful that could change the way we live.

Treehouse holidays in the UK located in a beautiful forest

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There’s a whole host of people out there who will have put together a bucket list of their own at some point, whether later in life or at a relatively young age.

Essentially, a bucket list ties together the ultimate activities that a person wants to achieve in their lifetime. It can be made up of whatever the owner of the bucket list wishes; it’s personal, and there are no boundaries.

bucket list made by a visitor to Quality Unearthed


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Glamping is the perfect summer activity for short breaks, longer holidays, adventures and getting out to make the most of nature in the sunshine. So, if you are thinking of heading off on a glamping UK retreat this summer and wondering where you should go, our quiz is here to help you narrow down the type of abode that would most suit your holiday needs. All that you’ll have to worry about is deciding on which location you’d most like to visit!

One of our glamping UK locations with a gypsy wagon

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Having recently returned from Unearthed In A Field Festival, a quaint but unforgettable festival experience in beautiful West Wales, it dawned on me that for some people going to a festival might seem like ‘not their thing’, ‘something the kids do’, or something ‘only for the hippy types’.

While having a self-confessed interest in the environment, I wouldn’t class myself as a hippy. Now in my 30s, I am not seen as young (although I don’t feel my age), so what was I doing at a festival, and why should you think about trying one if you’ve never experienced one? I’ve got a number of great reasons for you. These may not all resonate with you, but with such a vast array of festivals to suit everyone these days, I’m sure that there’s a reason for you to check one out for yourself.

Let’s see if I can convince you, shall I?

Unearthed In A Field Logo

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Land diversification is becoming increasingly important to land owners in the current market situation, with more and more needing to find alternative uses for their land as a source of income. There are many ways in which land can be diversified, from repurposing spare land into animal training facilities or kennels/stables, creating your own products such as ice cream/milk, honey beekeeping or offering guided walks and rambling routes. One of the best options however, has to be to create a great glamping adventure! This seems to be an idea that is increasing in popularity of late, and for a great reason! Here are just a few reasons why your next diversification step should be glamping in 2017:

glamping 2017 from Quality Unearthed - land diversification strategy

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