3 reasons why glamping is the perfect detox for mind, body & soul

When it comes to glamping with Quality Unearthed there are so many fantastic destinations we offer, and it comes as no surprise that staycational glamping is often now seen as a first choice for families and couples when it comes to enjoying a break.

There’s a reason why glamping is so popular and one of those reasons is because this kind of vacation provides visitors to enjoy what can only be described as the pinnacle of detoxing the mind, body & soul, and here’s why:
A man with his legs crossed relaxing in the sunshine on a luxury glamping UK holiday with Quality Unearthed.

Get back to basics with some healthy eating

It’s ever so easy to eat healthily when you’re on a glamping holiday – basically if you only take whole clean foods that is all you have to eat. Additionally, there are usually some fantastic local markets or farmers who have fresh produce, dairy or vegetables for example, for sale at very reasonable prices. Make sure you take time to embrace the experience, and whether you eat the same things at home already or not, you’ll surely feel better by opting for this simple step during your holiday.

Turn down the stress dial a few notches

This is arguably the best part of embarking on a glamping experience, whether that be to a yurt, a treehouse, or on eco pod holidays– getting back to nature, walking barefoot, sunning around, laughing, and generally taking time off is simply the most sublime way to reset your stress-o-meter and dial it back to zero!

Retune your everyday rhythm

Good sleep is, without question, one of the fundamental ways to gain optimal health. However, we often find that our visitors experience almost impossible barriers to good sleep in cities where they live, with light and noise pollution a major factor in this. We (humans) have only had a wealth of artificial light for the last few decades, and even then it was only available in limited brightness from candles and light bulbs. But modern day humans are now having to make a conscious effort to escape light at night due to the abundance of technology that surrounds us, such as smart phones, TVs, tablets, laptops, street lights and so on and so forth.

When you are glamping, you almost have no choice but to find yourself comfortably waking and snoozing in line with what our body naturally desires. Once the light fades, and the campfire or lanterns begin to emit that enchanting soft light that helps release your melatonin, your body will tell you when the time is right to hit the hay, and you’ll feel like a new person after a few days of this!

Additionally, you should remember that sleep is essential to us – it helps us balance hormones, skin, hair, moods, stress and so on and so forth.

Image: Andrés Nieto Porras under Creative Commons.

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