300 dolphins spotted off pembrokeshire’s coast

Charlie Thomas, 15, spotted an incredible sight whilst on a fishing trip with his father. This rare sight was of approximately 300 common dolphins off the Pembrokeshire coast. He describes the experience as one he will never forget, and truly incredible. Video footage captured by the young boy shows the dolphins dancing in and out of the water, just inches away from the boat. The beautiful sight was also experienced by visitors and staff members on Skomer Island on Monday.

This was just one of the spectacular marine life sightings this week for The Wildlife Trust, who have also spotted a basking shark in Cardigan Bay, New Quay.

Similar sightings take place every summer in the Pembrokeshire coastal area. The dolphins are driven from the flowing Atlantic waters to Pembrokeshire to enjoy the nutrient-rich waters during the warmer months. With the biggest pod spotted being of around 1000 dolphins at the same time, it is a truly remarkable vision.

Pembrokeshire has a variety of boat trips available to allow visitors to catch a possible glimpse of the spectacular sea life, particularly during the summer months. You could have the chance to experience a spectacular sight like this on our quirky holidays UK where we have glamping adventures available in Pembrokeshire.

Image: Magnus Manske under Creative Commons

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