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Glamping holidays provide the perfect escape from technology and a high degree of parent-child interaction, mostly because there is no escape from each other! Chances are a lot of the decent conversation was used up in the car journey here, leaving nothing but the opportunity for games galore in its wake. It’s great to come prepared with rounders’ sets, cricket bats, balls, rackets, twister and maybe some board games and playing cards as well as whatever else floats your boat on holiday. However, some of the best games are the delightful homemade sorts, that require no kit and were just plucked out of the air one day in a sense of desperation. For all sorts of unforgettable memories for the whole family, here’s a few of our favourites.

Get your kids outdoors on your glamping holidays with these great games

Letter madness

A great game for morning lie ins or just before bed, as you can all stay snuggled up in bed for this one. Simply choose a category, perhaps something simple for young children such as animals, food or names. The first player will call out an item belonging to that category, so for example if the category was animals, they might say ‘cat’. The next player has to use the last letter of the word to make the first letter of their choice, from the same category. So player two might say ‘toad’, to which player three would begin thinking of animals beginning with ‘D’. Older children can try with more complicated categories, and perhaps even convince them into some exam revision by using categories relating to their studies!

Scavenger Hunt

A classic game that’s bound to provide hours of entertainment, particularly for young children, is a scavenger hunt. Perfect to keep them occupied and engaged during a long walk or on an afternoon at the beach where you can send them off and relax with a good book whilst you await their return. You must devise a list of treasures each child (or adult) has to go and hunt for, this could be anything within reason, as long as there’s a high chance it will be at your location of choice.  Arm each participant with a bucket, bag or something similar and send them off to search! The winner will be whoever has collected the most treasures after an agreed length of time, or whoever completes the list first. Feel free to add in an impossible component to stay in charge of when the game can come to a close!


Choose an open space near your glamping site, where there’s bound to be some natural hiding places. If you’re out and about, sand dunes and woodland areas can also work well. Crown one person as king or queen and position them in the middle of the space beside the ‘can’, which can be anything from an old bucket to a tree stump. The king/queen then closes their eyes and counts to 25 whilst all the other players hide. The aim of the game is to get close enough to the can to kick it, without being tagged by the king/queen who is protecting it. Once tagged, players wait in prison next to the can, whilst cheering on their fellow team mates until one can come and tag them free.

Wink Murder

A great game for a more relaxed afternoon in some less desirable weather to keep the kids entertained. Rip up a sheet of paper into as many pieces as there are players, and on one write the word ‘murderer’. Fold the pieces into a hat and each person sitting in a circle can choose a paper, without letting anyone else read it. The murderer can then begin discretely winking at his targets, who will then die as dramatically or surreptitiously as they want. The aim of the game for the murderer is to ‘kill’ everyone without being caught, whilst the other players need to try and work together to correctly identify the killer.

Sports day

Ideal for large groups of family and friends on a glamping trip all together, or perhaps one to play with your new-found neighbours on the site. Mark out a start and finish line with biodegradable flour, or anything you can find lying around. Then you can use your imagination to come up with heats for the event, running races are good place to start, but you can move forward with a three-legged, hopping, running-backwards, egg and spoon and wheel barrow races that are bound to cause an afternoon of entertainment. Race as teams or individually, and finish with a relay for good measure. Close your sports day with a presentation of the winners, and prizes in the form of chocolate, sweets and alcohol (age depending) usually works well!




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