how to plan a last-minute half term break

Summer can be over before you know it, and it can be frustrating for any family if you haven’t had the chance to go away for a break. Unfortunately, summer ends on the 22nd of September, and if you haven’t managed to get away this year, half-term will be right around the corner.


Half term dates can vary from region to region, but nevertheless, it can be the perfect time of year to spend some time with the whole family. The weather in October is usually mild, and there is a cool, crisp feeling in the air. After the rush of summer, things tend to calm down with the crowds dying down. October half term is a great opportunity to spend some time with the children before  November sets in. Not only is it a welcome break from the longest school term, but it offers good value, compared to the peak summer travel weeks.

We have put together this guide to help you plan the ultimate break this coming half term:


When planning a holiday, choosing the right location is essential, and even more so when you are looking for a family getaway. Of course, you will want somewhere which has enough to keep everyone entertained, but there is also something magical about just spending some time together and reconnecting. There are beautiful locations throughout the United Kingdom, each with enchanting and captivating characteristics, so it can make picking the right place difficult.

Take a look at an area that takes your fancy, and do some research on what is happening in and around the surrounding area. Throughout the half term, there are sure to be tonnes of family-friendly activities and events.

Style of Holiday

Once you have found the perfect location, it will be time to find your ideal holiday abode. Glamping can be the best and one the most fun ways to enjoy your staycation, and with so much choice, it will be hard for you decide! Glamping can be a lovely way to get everyone outside, and the weather is usually rather fair during October. With an array of quirky alternative glamping abodes in beautiful locations, you are sure to find something perfectly suited to your family.


When planning a holiday, budget can be an essential part of it. Just be sure to plan your holiday ahead of time so that you can work out how much money you will need to take with you. If you are looking to save money whilst you are away, then things like days out at the beach cost nothing, and you can still have just as much fun as visiting an expensive attraction.

We have a fantastic array of abodes throughout the United Kingdom, which are perfectly suitable for a half term holiday. From glamping Cornwall to the Peak District there is sure to be something suitable for the whole family.

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