5 amazing treehouses from around the world

Humans have always felt comfortable around trees, the relationship begins when we are children, clambering in and out of them in our gardens and on walks. It is well known that people who live around trees and take the time to walk in nature are much healthier, physically and mentally. People have been building tree houses for hundreds of years, with them getting more and more creative in their designs and achievements. The treehouse is not only used for children to play in, popping up all over the world are tree top restaurants, treehouse potting sheds and even treehouse toilets.

a treehouse holiday near a Redwood forest.

The World’s Oldest Treehouse

If you need proof that a treehouse can last a lifetime, then here it is! Arguably the oldest treehouse in the world is on Pitchford Estate, UK. Records show its existence was first mentioned in 1692 and the English Heritage claim that it is over 300 years old, although there is no definitive date recorded of when it was built. The treehouse is built into a Lime Tree was is reported to be over 800 years old. The outside looks like a miniature version of Pitchford Hall, it has gothic windows on each side, an oak floor and a cornice ceiling.  It is well known that the Royal Family used to visit the Pitchford Estate and Queen Victoria used to play in the treehouse as a child. Who would’ve thought, the treetops are good enough for Royalty?!


The World’s Tallest Treehouse

Building on the Minister’s House began in 1993 when creator Minister Horace Burgess believed he had a ‘vision from God’ to build this masterpiece. The epic scale of the treehouse will make you dizzy! Over 29 meters tall and with a total of 10 stories it should belong to the next level category of ‘tree mansion.’ The build is weird and wonderful, following no clear design specification. There are no straight lines or even surfaces, just a maze of wood! This treehouse is what dreams are made of, elaborate with many rooms and corridors to explore.

treehouse holidays at the ministers treehouse

The Futuristic Treehouse

The Mirror Cube Treehouse looks like something from the future, as the name would suggest, every inch of the outside is covered in mirrors. This reflects the stunning woodland surrounding it, which hides the treehouse and continues the view. The only problem with mirrors or glass is that birds often fly into it, to stop this the building is covered in infrared. Its main support is a single tree which is central to the build and can be seen from the inside. The treehouse is elevated 13ft above the ground.

mirrorcube treehouse 

The Eco Treehouse

The Redwoods Treehouse in New Zealand was originally built for a Yellow Pages marketing campaign. It is 12 meters high and was built in just 66 days. The speed of the build has no effect on the quality and the designer ensured that all materials used were from sustainable sources. The unusual shape is meant to imitate a cocoon and it enchants and inspires its admirers.


The ‘how is that standing’ Treehouse

The Tetsu Treehouse is surrounded by stunning cherry blossom trees in Japan. Without an eye for architecture, it is near impossible to understand how this treehouse supports itself. With just a small Cypress tree trunk supporting a very top, heavy house. The treehouse is simplistic inside and the typical treehouse drawing of your childhood.


Looking at some of the most elaborate and outrageous treehouses from around the world certainly makes us want a lifetime of treehouse holidays! Spend your time away hidden in the treetops with nature all around you.

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