5 amazingly strange and spectacular caravans

We are treated to such a wealth of glamping options these days when it comes to glamping holidays in wagons, huts, or indeed in caravans which brings us to the focus of our feature.

We love the weird and wonderful and quirky is good as far as we’re concerned but we’re pretty amazed by some of these caravan creations that we have decided to include in our list.

Which one is your personal favourite?

The Camper Bicycle | Strange Glamping Options | Luxury Camping At Its Most Odd
The bicycle-come-caravan

The Camper Bicycle | Strange Glamping Options | Luxury Camping At Its Most Odd

This camper bike is ingenious if a little on the small side but we’ll look past that for the minute. Designed by artist Kevin Cyr, in 2008 the creative designer gave the camper a test run on the outskirts of Beijing. His friend Wayne Wang was the guinea pig talked into giving it a go and it was quite the success! As far as the caravan itself is concerned there’s plenty of room to transport larger items, but I’m not entirely convinced that you would enjoy a comfy glamping vacation in this like you would in one of our abodes.


The Romotow

The Romotow | W2 Deisgn | Glamping

This futuristic design, known as the Romotow, is a cool design of a caravan that you would see on a television programme like grand designs.

It was in fact designed and built with the Swiss army knife as inspiration. It swivels out in order to produce 70% more road space. W2, the people behind the design, hail from New Zealand, and have stated that you can ‘use it as a home and horse float and travel with your horse to an overnight equestrian event.’

Keep it on the QT!

The QTvan | Mobility Scooter Caravan | Crazy Glamping

Originally, this caravan was designed to coincide with the 2011 Royal Wedding so that the elderly members of the public could claim a reasonable vantage point for the procession route of the wedding without having to sleep on the side of the road to their spot.

The QTvan is rather amusingly named after three very British stereotypes– queuing, tea and caravans.

This creation is designed to be pulled by a mobility scooter and comes with a 19” telly, a drinks cabinet, not to mention tea-making facilities. Whatever next?!


Caravan on stilts

Classic Caravan | Living on Stilts | Choose A Safer Glamping Location For Your Holidays

We know you’re probably thinking how on earth did they get this caravan up there in the first place?! Secondly, why?! It’s an eye-catching location but we’re not sure anyone would actually want to spend their holiday living in a caravan on stilts. We know we’d prefer the terra firma if we had the choice.


Everything but the kitchen sink?

The Grange | Grand Design Caravan | Glamping on Another Level The Grange |  A Caravan With a Twist | Glamping

This creation is certainly one for the lovers of grandeur. The regalesque designer Daniel Lobb decided to add an extra floor to his caravan and also based its design on a stately home. How divine!

Mr Lobb named his grand design The Grange, which is made with wood panelling and features a table with a grand piano leg and a cooker cupboard with carved claw and ball feet. The last we knew it was located in Sutton House, Hackney, where it is part of a breakers yard garden, which was also designed by Mr Lobb, for the National Trust property.

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