5 natural health benefits mulled wine offers us all

Whether you’re drinking it on romantic glamping UK trips, at a party, or at home with loved ones, mulled wine is a delicious favourite over the festive period, and it’s been around a long time too, since the 2nd century in fact. The original recipes were made with a combination of red wine, a variety of mulling spices and raisins. As the ages have rolled by there have been some delicate changes as far as the recipes of mulled wine today are concerned, while still keeping in touch with their roots.

A selection of the ingredients used in the process of making mulled wine on romantic glamping UK holidays

So we’ve established that the warming tasty beverage we can all indulge in is good for drinking purposes, but did you know that it also carries a number of natural health benefits too?


Anti-ageing assistance

The antioxidants found in red wine help to battle damaging free radicals that have an effect on our natural aging process, as well as assisting us with age-related diseases. The strong inclusion of polyphenols, which are also found in green tea, provide an effective source for holding onto those youthful looks for longer.


Nutmeg health kicks

The inclusion of nutmeg adds another health benefit because its known for being a tonic in a variety of ways which boosts the overall general health of your body. Nutmeg is a common spice found in mulled wine, but as far as more specific health benefits are concerned, it helps our bodies with cleaning out the kidneys and liver of all the toxins that may be stored there from the ingestions of natural organic toxins, food, alcohol, drugs, and pollution.


Cinnamon goodness

You wouldn’t be drinking a proper glass of mulled wine if it didn’t have a stick or two of cinnamon in the concoction. As well as being the vital ingredient in providing that nostalgic smell of Christmas, cinnamon, similarly to like nutmeg, contains antioxidants that have a useful anti-inflammatory effect on our bodies. These properties can help to lessen swelling and restore normal tissue function too.


Healthy hearts

A number of studies have confirmed that the consumption of red wine reduces the risk of heart attacks and cardiovascular disease (CVD). The main ingredient – red wine – is the useful source of antioxidants, which in turn amplifies the levels of HDL (good cholesterol). Not only this, it helps us to rid our organs of the bad stuff lingering around inside of us. By carrying out these actions, red wine helps to considerably prevent heart disease and clogged arteries.


Bones benefit too

Moderately drinking red wine helps to reduce the risk of osteoporosis. This is because red wine increases the development our bone mineral density. A recent study highlighted that women who drink between 11-29g of alcohol a day, which is the equivalent to one to three glasses of wine, had greater bone mineral density, measured in the hip region of their thighbones, in comparison to those who were heavy drinkers and non-drinkers.


While mulled wine and its ingredients have proven health benefits, its important to be aware that just a glass or two that will keep the doctor away. Drinking in excess has proven contrary effects, so drink responsibly, and enjoy!

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