5 reasons why we all love glamping in autumn

Who doesn’t love autumn? It’s a particularly wonderful time of the year; yes, the weather gets cooler, but this can be embraced and enjoyed by simply wrapping in lots of layers and getting nice and cosy. Also, don’t forget those spectacular sunsets that autumn brings, with a beautiful array of colours; so, if you love seeing the evening’s sky, then you have every reason to love autumn! We can’t talk about autumn without mentioning the nature around the UK. Mother Nature offers one last hurrah of superb warming colour and activity before winding down for a while before the spring returns.


Leaves on a cup and saucer at Quality Unearthed


As if you need any further convincing, here are five reasons why we all love glamping in autumn:


Misty Mornings

A misty morning across a field near Quality Unearthed














A definite upside of the cooling temperatures is the higher levels of moisture in the air, accompanied by the longer nights that work in tandem to provide us with the sight of those mystical misty autumn mornings. There are some stunning locations near our glamping eco pods just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed; these places offer up morning views that simply cannot be taken for granted!


Nature’s Gifts

A hedgehog eating some treats outside Quality Unearthed















Autumn is jam-packed with an array of inviting colours and happenings. This season also opens up the door to a collection of fruits, nuts and seeds across the UK that can be indulged in after a fun foraging session.

When you are in the countryside, you can be your very own David Attenborough. If you sit still enough in the wilderness, you can witness the assortment of nature’s bounty being harvested by various species, as they look to stock up before they hibernate or migrate.


Wonders Surround Us

An autumnal spider’s web catching the sunlight















The wonders of the UK truly reveal themselves in autumn, and especially when you are away on a glamping holiday. When you embark on a glamping trip, you escape the hustle and bustle of life, as well as the technology that distracts us so often. By removing these distractions, you can take a look around and experience the meadows, gardens and wildlife that is all around. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the picturesque image of a spiders’ web delicately outlined with drops of dew intertwined among branches and bushes of the fields in the morning – it’s an absolute treat to see!

When the night-time falls, the opportunity for stargazing emerges, and when you are in such a wonderful location that lacks the light pollution of built-up urban areas, the sky comes to life with a scattering of stars and other wonders of the universe. take a look at our stargazing tips to get the best from your experience.


Avian Friends Return

A swam enjoying a morning paddle near one of our eco-pods














Just when so many species escape the cooler conditions, heading for warmer climates, our avian friends begin to return, seeing a flurry of geese, thrushes – such as fieldfares and redwings – swans, and all sorts of duck species. There’s also the water and wading species, such as sandpipers, which can be seen in fields and local estuaries as they settle into the autumn life. Of course, the welcome sight of the majestic owls that populate the UK will be a lucky sight to behold for anyone fortunate enough.


A Spectrum of Change in Colour

Autumn colours across a field near Quality Unearthed















We don’t think you’ll find anyone who doesn’t find the pure wonder among those display of reds, golden-yellows and browns that occupy our British woodland areas in autumn! It’s this palette of cosy colour that helps make this season so alluring, and of course, luxury camping trips all the more appealing.

So, when the sun comes up, head on out and enjoy the sound of the leaves crunching underfoot and feel the warmth that the sight of the changing seasons brings!

If you’re thinking of going on a glamping break this autumn, why not consider Bensfield treehouse, Ninks Wagon, or Mrs Higgs Lodge that are just a few of the wonderful abodes on offer?

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