5 ways glamping can make your life even better!

Glamping, whether it be yurt holidays, treehouse adventures or hideaway hut vacations, offers more than just a unique and memorable holiday opportunity. Going on a holiday of this kind can help you find that inner confidence you never knew you had.


Let’s take a look at five ways in which glamping can make your life even better….


Appreciate yourself- there’s only one of you

It’s no myth that many people find it much far easier to think about their flaws than their qualities. When you’re enjoying a glamping trip take the time to sway away from only noticing what you perceive to be wrong with you as this unsurprisingly affects confidence.

Why not make a list? Jot down your positive physical attributes and your character qualities.

You’ll surprise even yourself, we’re sure!


Charge up those batteries

Where better to carry out this confidence booster than on a glamping UK break with a friend or loved one? There’s no doubt that you’re busy at work the majority of the time, and this can be draining.

Use this time away from the stresses of daily life to relax in the beautiful surroundings that will allow you to recharge your batteries.


Get the whole 40 winks

Anyone who has been glamping will tell you that the chance to get a good night’s sleep is at a premium when you are in such wonderful, tranquil locations. Confidence calls for the ability to think clearly when you return to ‘normality’ so sleep is key and gazing out at the breath-taking sight of the stars above the night sky in perfect silence is the ideal way to wind down before bed.

Research has highlighted that exposure to light in the evening suppresses the production of melatonin, the hormone that controls sleep and wake cycles.

Staring at smartphones, tablets etc. stimulates our brains and as a result we find it difficult to switch off when we try to go to sleep, so keep those phones turned off and enjoy the peace and quiet.


Slow your breathing

The usual reaction when anyone is stressed is to increase the speed in which they are breathing as well as becoming shallower in breaths. You can work on combatting this by practising breathing techniques and enjoying yoga or Pilates in the company of the picturesque setting of a glamping destination.

For those who don’t know, slowing your breathing down will help you to clear your mind and comprehend things in a clearer light, while helping giving you a sense of calm too.

Inhaling for a count of eight then exhaling for eight can be useful in levelling your breathing. To make the practice even more relaxing close your eyes to focus on your breath.


Think positively

It’s kind of a given but being positive is conducive to helping you feel better and more confident about yourself and things in general. And when you’re on holiday, how can you think negatively?

Research confirms that happy people are 31% more productive compared to those who think with a more negative, neutral or stressed mind state.

Take this time to coach yourself and look for the positive. It will help you to make improved decisions and to be more productive too.


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