5 ways to benefit from walking

As we reported earlier this week in our article that new research highlights UK’s love of walking in the outdoors we thought we would build on this news and the fact that it’s in keeping with National Walking Month.

So here are five ways to benefit from walking: advice that can come in handy when you’re indulging in a glamping UK vacation.

Footprints in the sand left by someone on a Glamping UK break

Increase the enjoyment levels

If you do the same walk in and around the place that you live every day, you might find that it becomes slightly tedious. So one of the best ways to make a walk more enjoyable is to try walking somewhere that is new, or different from what your body recognises as “routine”. You’ll find that these refreshing walks lift moods, relieve stress – due to no time constraints – and keep you physically active at the same time. Perfect for working up an appetite back at the yurt!

Try the hills

If you’re used to walking on flat routes, why not try walking on some inclines? It requires a bit more effort depending on the steepness of the incline, but once you overcome it you’ll feel like Rocky did when he reached the top of the steps in his famous scene from the film with the same name! And what’s more, there’s the views to be had too. Not only can you get some amazing pictures from these new vantage points, you can also stop and have a spot of lunch if you have packed one. And then there’s the toning benefits on your legs… great!

Be an early bird

There’s science to back up why you should make the effort to be an early bird and go for walks in the morning. According to a recent study in Journal of Applied Physiology, mental fatigue— you feel it after a long day of working or sightseeing if you’re on holiday—will significantly affect your walks at the end of the day. In the morning, your brain is refreshed and your walks are more likely to feel easier at this time. Also, it can be a better time to spot nature and wildlife as animals and birds surface for another day in the British countryside!

Listen to nature

A study that was published recently in the Journal of Sports & Exercise Psychology discovered that music can literally move you. Music is proved to improve moods, motivation, and helps focus attention. Now, if you listen to music in headphones then you might miss out on sounds that you didn’t want to miss while you’re out walking, so if you’re in a location that is plentiful in the wildlife stakes, why not use the tweets and chirps from the birds to motivate your walks? It might sound strange, but it works for us!

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