6 essential, natural tips to a better night’s sleep

There’s a big onus on getting good sleep these days. Obviously a North Wales luxury camping break will help you get some of the best sleep you’ve had in years, unless you’ve been glamping more recently of course. However, if you want to make sure you get the best night’s sleep during, and after your time away, then check out these 6 essential, natural tips to a better night’s sleep.

A woman sleeping soundly after a North Wales Luxury Camping break with Quality Unearthed.

Settle into a routine

This might not seem relevant if you’re only on holiday for a week, but it’s actually the perfect time to kick starts your body into settling in a good routine. Going to bed at the same time every night–even while you’re away, and on weekends–assists in setting your internal sleep-wake clock. Not only does it help in this area, it also reduces the amount of tossing and turning required to fall asleep.

Be active while you’re away

Scientific studies have shown that sedentary adults who got aerobic exercise four times a week enhanced their sleep quality from poor to good. These former inactive people also reported more vitality, and less sleepiness during the daytime too. Again, this can be implemented while you’re on holiday too- you’ll have more time to get out and about while you’re away!

Forget that Nightcap

We don’t want to be killjoys but these are the facts guys! Alcohol disrupts the pattern of sleep and brainwaves that help you feel refreshed when you wake in the morning. A cheeky nightcap may help you doze off to begin with, but research shows that once it wears off, you’re likely to wake up and have a tough time getting back to sleep again.

Wind it down an hour before bedtime

Nearly every person these days, if asked, will confirm they use some type of electronics like a television, computer, or smartphone within the hour before bed. There’s no two ways about this- it’s a bad idea. The light emitted from these devices stimulates the brain, making it harder to wind down for sleep. Solve this by putting your gadgets away an hour before bedtime and you’ll be falling asleep quicker and sleep more soundly in no time at all.

What’s on your plate?

Do yourself a favour by cutting out the food and drinks in your diet that contain caffeine—such as coffee, tea, energy drinks, and chocolate—by the time late afternoon comes around. Make dinner your lightest meal of the day, and breakfast the most important. Finish your dinner meals a few hours before bedtime, and this will help you get some extra Z’s.

Quit smoking

A study found that smokers are as much as four times more likely not to feel as well rested after a night’s sleep than their non-smoking counterparts. The simulative effect of nicotine and the night time withdrawal from it are causes for this. Smoking also exacerbates sleep apnoea and other breathing disorders which make it difficult to get a sound night of sleeping in.

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