6 habitual morning habits that will give your life a happy, healthy boost

Breaking routine can be one of the hardest things you’ve ever had to do, particularly in the morning, and especially when that snooze button is there for tappin’! However, listen to our five habits you should include in your morning routine and you could have some exceptional effects as a result that will last all day long. Take a look and see how you can turn those early mornings from foe into friend.

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Time for Meditation

You can use some time away to kick-start your daily meditation routine or you can just start right away, but the fact that a mere eight weeks of meditation has been proved to shrink the amygdala, a region of the brain which is involved in how we experience negative emotions during instances of stress. Additionally, meditation has been shown to thicken the pre-frontal cortex, which is related to functions such as our concentration and decision-making. Just a few things that, if strengthened, could make your day a whole lot better both in and out of work!

Early Rising

This one may sound like a bad idea, and it may put you make you want to stop reading right now, but bear with us on this one. Transforming yourself into an early riser is a custom that the morning person in you may take some time and effort to adapt to. BUT, and there is a but, the paybacks are amazing. Studies show that the early birds are more proactive, more positive, consume a healthier diet, and are more likely to hold on to a fitness routine, compared to their night owl counterparts.

Protein-filled Breakfasts

Fix yourself up a nice 3 egg omelette instead of the usual cereal for your breakfast. And if you want add some more flavour, and more protein, add in some spinach too. A study just two years ago, in 2013, revealed that receiving 35g or more of protein at breakfast time can shakeup those hunger-stimulating hormones, resulting in the reduction of mindless snacking (it’s ok, we know you’ve done it, we have too!). It’ll help to rein in your appetite all day long as well.

Exercise is Excellent

If you need a reason to find motivation to exercise before your head out the door for work instead of when you’ve arrived home, then we’ve got a nugget of information you might like. A work-out can enhance creativity for up to two hours after you’ve exercised. Along with this welcome enhancement, you can expect to have an improvement in your mental clarity for up to TEN hours post-exercise—keeping you sharp through whatever the day throws at you. Unless, of course, you are enjoying treehouse holidays, UK glamping companies like Quality Unearthed offer, in which case the day is bound to be a good one!

Music to your Ears

Press play on your hottest tracks, the ones that put a smile on your face and get you moving while you get yourself ready for work. Research found that levels of dopamine, (the bit that makes you feel good in the brain), were 9% greater when study volunteers had been listening to music they liked and enjoyed.

Make Love

Start your doing something that is the most natural thing of all. Morning sex has proved to deliver us with a mood boost for the rest of the day, thanks to the release of oxytocin. What’s more, it might even protect you from the cold that’s been lingering around the work place you’ve yet to catch. Specialists believe that sex increases your levels of Immunoglobulin A; an antibody that supports your immune system, resulting in an extra line of defence from illness.

Image: realhardwork under Creative Commons.

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