how to be a top ‘green traveller’

Ever been travelling? No? It’s great, but there are factors that can make this incredible experience affect the environment for the worse. Think about the energy and fuel it takes to transport you to these places, and the tour trips on coaches, etc. So what can we do to help reduce these factors? Well, how about you follow these six simple steps we have on saving energy and reducing waste in your quest to become the best green traveller you can be?

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Be as green as you always have been

Just because you have ventured off to find out new things about yourself, you shouldn’t forget where you came from, and in this case, it means you should remain as in touch with your good habits. Remembering to clean up after yourself and not littering are two no-brainers. Don’t forget to pack one or two food containers so that you can take lunch on your days out, as this will lessen the use of needless packaging. Particularly if you’re staying in a hotel; you can prevent wasting water by separating clean and dirty towels and make it nice and easy for staff that intend to re-use them.


Are you heading to explore some mountains or beautiful countryside? If so, be on the search for yurts, eco-lodges and safari tents, like the glamping UK abodes we have at Quality Unearthed. Alternatively, take your own tent and camp in elected camping areas. And it’s not just the trips out of the cities that you can achieve premium green points in, you can find hotels or hostels with environmental friendly certification in the city too.

Prepare your home for your holiday

Leaving your home ready for some of its own rest and relaxation is essential. What we mean by this is that you should make sure that as few things as possible are left on; turn all your lights off, make sure all your plugs are removed or switched off. We’re not as crazy as to think you need to turn the fridge and freezer off while you’re away, but things that definitely don’t need to function are electrical appliances and heating, for example.
And if you have a magazine subscription, as much as you might think you’ll catch up with them when you get back, you won’t, so cancel them too!

While you’re away

No doubt you’ll be wanting to enjoy the opportunity of the all the fun activities on offer, then don’t forget to consider the environment. Think about whether you can use public transport to get around the region, or can you make use of bikes to go exploring the area?

Thinking of every environment

Depending on what country you’re in, each one will have its challenges. What we mean by this is that some places will require the use of air con, for example. It’s easy to just turn it on and leave it for when you come back so the room’s nice and cool, but that would be a terrible option for the environment, as it’s a total waste of energy, so act in a responsible manner. Be considerate of water in water-dry countries too, it may be literally available on tap at home, but some people are in the complete opposite position in the region you are visiting.

Your mode of transport

We understand that some trips will require a flight, but if you can avoid them, why not try staying on a low-emissions trip and stay grounded? Consider public transport, that way you get to soak up the visual delights of the landscape, and while you’re at it, why not look at car sharing options? This is a great way to make some new friends to share new experiences with!

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