We think that summer is the perfect time to get outside and go exploring, with plenty of daylight hours, the warmth of the sunshine and one of the drier seasons there is no excuse not to! Take a look at just seven of the fantastic reasons we think you should go outside and experience the wonders of nature this summer:

Stay in a treehouse this summer and see forest views like this

  1. Nature sounds good, smells good and looks good. You can’t deny the pleasure that the fresh and crisp smell that outdoor nature provides, emitting phytoncides containing essential oils that by inhaling these compounds, can slow your breathing and reduce anxiety. At our glamping locations you’ll be surrounded by gorgeous greenery, and wonderful woodlands, away from the busy and chaos of everyday life.
  1. Getting outdoors can help you to tune your body clock. Research has shown that staying outdoors on a camping or glamping trip can help your body clock to adapt to a routine in just a few days. Allowing yourself to be more in touch with the movements of the sun helps your body to tune to the natural time frames, rising and setting with the sun. Although this may seem unrealistic in the summer, nobody wants to be getting up at 4am as the sun rises. Your body will attune to the amount of sleep you need as well as the sun movements, meaning that you will continue with your slumber until your body is fully energised and refreshed.
  1. Un-polluted skies make for even more beautiful views, travelling just a short distance out of areas that are polluted with light – such as cities – makes the sky at night look so much more magical. The sky itself will be darker, therefore providing a stronger contrast with the sparkling stars for your enjoyment. Lay outside on the grass and glance up at the sky to experience a true sense of serenity in a beautiful location.
  1. The air outdoors is fresher and cleaner, this is because a tree can produce around 260 pounds of oxygen every year, which is enough to support two adults for the same time period! The more trees that are around the better the air quality and the fresher it feels, that’s why so many of our glamping locations are surrounded by healthy trees, supporting the natural environment.
  1. There is possibly no atmosphere more calming than that of nature in the great outdoors, whether you enjoy listening to the soothing sounds of the crashing waves in the sea or the rustling of the leaves on the trees, you have to admit it is very relaxing. There has even been research showing that getting outdoors more can reduce stress levels, lower blood pressure and even reduce the risk of depression!
  1. A creative learning environment for both adults and children alike, being outdoors is a constantly educational experience. There is so much knowledge hidden in every tree, flower, animal and insect, not to mention the abundance of history that is paired with almost every location. Not only is the outdoors educational, but fun too, it can make learning a much more enjoyable and interactive experience that captivates a child’s interests for a longer time than ordinary indoor activities.
  1. Getting outdoors is practically free! There are so many amazing walks available through scenic settings that don’t cost a penny. You can have endless amounts of free fun out in nature, which is especially great for children.

Staying at our luxury glamping locations offers a perfect balance between nature and comfort, so you can experience all these well-being benefits without compromising on the treats you enjoy in your own home! Why not stay in a treehouse and live right amongst the green giants of the woodland?

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