7 ways to stay healthy on holiday

Although a holiday is usually time to let your hair down and break the dieting rules, you may find that making a few minor health tweaks to your holiday makes you feel more refreshed and helps you to make the most of your holiday! We’re not saying that you can’t indulge in your favourite treats to make your holiday complete, just simply take on a few of our tips and tricks to help you to feel revitalised and healthy at the end of your staycation:

woman doing yoga on her glamping holiday in Devon

1. Keep yourself hydrated

One of the simplest ways to keep yourself healthy on holiday is to ensure that you are drinking a sufficient amount of water. This is particularly important during the summer months, as it is so much easier to become dehydrated in the warm weather. Bring a bottle around everywhere with you and take a sip at every opportunity. If you don’t already drink the minimum recommended 2L a day in your usual routine already, this is an excellent way to kick start your routine for when you return home! Try to avoid sugary alternatives where possible, but of course, you can treat yourself every now and then.

2. Walk it off

You don’t have to partake in a crazy exercise routine on your holiday, this is a time to rest and relax; but simple exercises such as a long walk, a short yoga session in the mornings or even a wild swim will do you a whole world of good! These activities should be stress-free and easy to mould into your holiday schedule, so much so that you won’t even realise you’ve met your daily exercise quota! Try to exceed the marker of 10,000 steps a day; this will ensure that you see all of the beautiful sights on offer and keep yourself fit and healthy!

3. Healthy snacks

Bring along a sneaky stash of healthy snacks to keep the cravings away. Rather than hoarding biscuits and chocolate bars in your day bag, take along an apple or an orange. You may have to pre-plan this slightly, as your local corner shop is more than likely only packed with unhealthy sugary treats. But if there is a local market nearby, or even in the next town or village, make the most of the local produce and indulge in some homegrown goodness! Why not rustle up a nice healthy picnic from the rich local produce and head out on an adventure for the day?

4. Challenge yourself

Setting yourself a challenge is a great way to make the most of your holiday. Whether you choose to climb Mount Snowdon in Wales, or go wild swimming in Devon, setting yourself a challenge will help to push your brain to function to its full capacity. The adrenaline rush will give your body a boost, and the achievement of completing the task will give you a feel good feeling that really lasts. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a new hobby along the way?

5. “Me time.”

It is very important that you have some “me time” on your holidays, a time to look after yourself and enjoy the peace and quiet. If you are on a family holiday, take it in turns with the adults to supervise the kids so that everyone has an hour or two of quiet time. You can use this time to take a nap, read a book or bathe in the sunshine; all of these will help to keep your stress levels down and your brain healthy.

6. Wake early, sleep early

There is no better time to sort out your sleeping routine than when on a glamping holiday. It has been proven time and time again that just a few nights sleeping in the great outdoors will have you snoozing soundly. This sleep will be of better quality and will have you feeling more refreshed in the morning and raring to go, rather than hitting snooze until midday. Waking earlier will give you the chance to make the most of the day, and heading off to bed a little earlier will be a welcome relief after the day of activities. If you aren’t ready to sleep early, simply enjoy the sight of the twinkling stars or read a book to wind down the day; this will relax you and have you ready to fall straight into a slumber.

7. Make the most of the natural surroundings

Nature is like one big adventure playground waiting for you, embrace the natural surroundings and use them to your benefit. Feel the sand in your toes as you work those muscles in a walk on the beach, absorbing the vitamin D, trek through the woods and stare in awe at the wildlife that surrounds you or practice yoga on a hilltop as the sun rises. Swimming in the sea can be a real thrill (although a little cold even in the summer months in the UK) and is a great workout for your body! You don’t need a gym and food plan to stay healthy, the resources you need are all around you, so get outside and play on your next holiday!

Being happy is one of the best things for your body and brain. Enjoy every moment of your holiday and don’t spend too much time worrying about staying on the healthy wagon; it is your holiday after all! Switch up your usual routine for some of the minor changes mentioned above and you can have that feel good feeling that you’ve revitalised your body. A glamping holiday is a great option for a vacation that naturally encourages you to get out and about, to sleep better and eat better too, so this will make your healthy holiday all the more easy! Book a trip to go glamping in Devon, Sussex, Dorset, or one of the other fantastic locations and make the most of your healthy holiday experience!

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