9 energy-saving tips to help you and the environment

When you’re not enjoying the luxuries on offer with our glamping holidays, it safe to say that it’s certainly not the same as having the thought of paying energy bills or conserving energy like you do at home. We obviously take care of all that for you, and many of our abodes offer solar showering facilities too.

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However, with the thought of trying our best to keep the bills down and do our bit for the environment our top nine tips for saving money on energy should help you out. We can all learn something from these pointers. We hope they come in handy!

1.Make sure the boiler is all in order. Ensure that your landlord or a qualified engineer has serviced the boiler and that it’s running correctly and efficiently.

2.If you’re moving house, take the time to check out the energy performance of any property you want to move in to. Check the bills you’re likely to be paying before you sign anything too.

3.If you have a tumble dryer in your property then check the filter is clear, and the water container (if it’s a condenser model) is emptied. This will make the difference and lower the risk of it breaking down. Don’t overload the tumble dryer and keep use to a minimum as these are expensive devices.

4.Electric heaters are not the answer to saving on gas bills. Quite the opposite in fact. You’ll see the kilowatts and your money racking up, not to mention the CO2 emissions, if you use an electric heater.

5.Cook your meals in bulk, planning for the week ahead. This will also save on the washing up as well which is always a lovely thought!

6.Stop those unwanted draughts by ensuring you pull the curtains. We’re not suggesting you keep them drawn 24/7, but don’t forget to do it when you should. You can also try asking your landlord for thermal linings, or have them installed yourself if you are a homeowner.

7.Turn your plugs off! You’ll make all the difference to the bills with these little changes. Unplug chargers, turn off lights, straighteners, TV’s – and not just on standby either, turn things off from the wall.

8.When you wash your clothes, wash them on a low temperature setting and go steady on the detergent. If possible you should share your loads so you’re not doing any half washes that are a waste of a full wash.

9.If you can, try and get the energy saving light bulbs to replace the current ones if they aren’t already energy savers. They aren’t cheap but they’re great in the long run- Folly Farm in Pembrokeshire is a fantastic example of this. They were able to save a staggering £20,000 in energy bills by changing their light bulbs!

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