9 ways glamping has a low impact on the environment

You may be interested in going glamping to escape the bustle of busy day-to-day life and enjoy a unique experience that couldn’t be further from the generic hotel break, but there are also some other factors that make glamping a wonderful choice for the environment too.

Birch Safari Glamping tent in Devon

There’s a definite growing trend around the UK that is seeing more and more people taking advantage of and truly appreciating organic food, local produce markets, farmer’s markets, and Fair Trade, many of which are in abundance at our luxury UK cabin holidays. It’s these kinds of things that are attractive to people who are becoming more and more environmentally conscious today. It’s amazing to see growing numbers of people becoming more considerate of their surroundings and the environment as a whole, which is something that goes hand in hand with glamping breaks. This can be championed by the following points we have included below that illustrate just how green glamping is.


  1. Having the chance to be situated right in the middle of nature allows people to come closer to nature, therefore opening up avenues for increased understanding and greater appreciation. After all, if you love something, you’ll be keen to look after it.
  2. Most glamping holidays have access to local produce and markets/shops therefore giving them less needless packaging, resulting in reduced need for refuse and recycling.
  3. While being immersed in the outdoors life, rubbish will stick out like a sore thumb, and therefore people will be more likely to ensure that they look after theirs and any they come across, therefore reducing litter in green spaces (and hopefully in general too).
  4. Glamping gives visitors to abode locations the most perfect opportunity to discover and enjoy nature and wildlife in its natural environment. Great for appreciating your surroundings as well!
  5. Many glamping abodes utilise solar facilities and use sustainable materials, and therefore significantly reduces the impact on the environment.
  6. Glamping staycations are great for taking out the need for flights to destinations, and as such, reduce pollution that would have otherwise caused damage to the ozone layer.
  7. Lots of glamping destinations will use upcycling to create an authentic glamping experience. This not only cuts the cost of having to buy new things, but also helps to offer a more unique experience.
  8. If businesses are in the glamping and luxury camping sector, then chances are that they are heavily involved in keeping on top of environmental activities both for the business and outside of the work too. Quality Unearthed is certainly a great example of this!
  9. Loving the environment and being more green-conscious isn’t seen as being the traits of a ‘hippy’ and neither is glamping and appreciating wildlife, nature, and the outdoors as a whole. It really is good to be green!
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