With the Christmas season on its way and New Year following shortly, you are probably looking forward to eating your weight in food and having some well-deserved time off. It definitely isn’t too early to start planning what you are going to do over the Christmas period, whether you are planning a large family get-together or are looking forward to a more personal day with your loved ones, now is the perfect time to get planning.

Christmas trees near our Christmas glamping UK holidays

Glamping and Christmas aren’t often two words which are associated, but there is no reason that they can’t be mixed! During the colder months, you may not think that glamping is a good idea, but it can actually be even more magical and completely different than in the spring and summer! We have put together this feature to show you why you should go glamping this holiday season.


The Weather

autumn leaf

During autumn and winter, there is a slight chill in the air, as well as a glisten of frost when you wake up in the morning. Imagine waking up on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning in a yurt, cabin or treehouse and looking outside and seeing a dusting of sparkly frost; it would just be magical! Okay, so we know that the weather in the UK can be unpredictable, but surely that means that there could also be a chance of snow?


hot tub at Quality Unearthed abode

What better way is there to spend Christmas than taking some time away from reality? Glamping abodes can provide you with a place to relax, really switch off and forget any worries or woes you may have. Additionally, some abodes also come along with some special features like a hot tub which can be a fantastic way to unwind. Riverside Lodge, as pictured above, is the ultimate Christmas abode due to its location, as well as it having a hot tub, which is ideal for enjoying a glass of bubbly under the stars on any evening.


Bensfield Treehouse kitchen

When on holiday anywhere, you get the benefit of exploring somewhere completely new. So, you can either head out for your Christmas dinner or cook something in your glamping abode. Wherever your glamping abode is based, you are sure to find somewhere serving a delicious lunch, and what could be better than having someone else do the cooking and the cleaning? Wherever you end up, it is guaranteed that you will be able to taste some incredible local produce whilst sipping on your favourite beverage.

If you would rather stay in for Christmas lunch, many glamping abodes come fully equipped with a kitchen, like Benfield Treehouse, pictured above. So, if you really want to cook a delicious lunch, there is no reason you can’t!

New Traditions

QU abode exterior

Christmas traditions get passed down throughout families, like when you are allowed to open your presents under the tree or what you have for breakfast. However, there is no reason why you can’t start your own traditions. Obviously, one of the main Christmas traditions is staying at home with the family and enjoying the whole day together, but there is no harm in trying something new.

As time goes by, many of us want to relax over the festive period, and sometimes that can be hard when you have the whole family around, and you are cooking lunch for the mass! Instead, you can spend some time together in a larger glamping abode, like Jacob’s Folly in Norfolk. This particular abode has enough room for six of you and has a particularly festive feel to it due to its large wood-burning stove and natural woodland setting. You can pop out for your Christmas lunch, and then spend the evening drinking your favourite tipple and playing games.

Christmas Themed Activities

QU glamper enjoying a coffee

During the festive period, there is an array of Christmas-themed events up and down the country, which are perfect to get you into the spirit. From Christmas markets to events happening on Christmas Eve, there will always be something happening. Even if you prefer to stay in your glamping abode, you can make mince pies, hot chocolate or even enjoy your favourite Christmas film.

Glamping Features

reiverside Lodge glamping abode

When glamping during the winter, there are some abodes which are perfect for this time of year. From wood-burning stoves like you will find in the Shepherds Hut in Cornwall or a beautiful bathtub and hot tub as you will find in the Riverside Lodge in Hereford; these additions can really make your stay even more special.

So, if you are now thinking ‘all I want for Christmas is a Christmas glamping UK holiday’, we most definitely have you covered! We have a wide range of abodes which still have availability over Christmas which will only enhance your festive spirit and truly make it a holiday to remember.

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