a guide to planning a group holiday

So, you’ve decided you’re going to take a group holiday with friends or family, and now it’s come to the point where you need to start thinking about the whole organisation side of things. Luckily, here at Quality Unearthed, we’ve got you covered! We’ve got a handy list of all the important things you should bear in mind when it comes to planning a group holiday!

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Choosing your destination

First things first, you need to hone in on the destinations with feasible options in mind that will suit all your group’s needs. There’s no point booking romantic glamping holidays that cater more towards couples when you know there’s a group of you heading off for a vacation.

So, ideally, think practicality and justifiable suggestions. For example, if your idea is affordable, realistic, and somewhere the majority would like to go then you’re on to a good start. If you come up with valid reasons as to why you think shepherd’s huts in Hereford should be the chosen destination, and the others can see why it’s an easy and sensible selection, then you can work around it together (and everyone can get a bit excited then too!).

Make a Facebook event

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The convenient thing about a Facebook group is that you can relay messages to everyone involved in one go. There’s no confusion, and no one can say they didn’t get the message, unless of course there’s someone who isn’t on Facebook (there’s always one), but other than anyone who isn’t on social media, it’s a great way to provide initial info and keep everyone up-to-date.

Make the most of the ‘Event Description’ section of the event and treat it like a little pin board. By doing this, you can keep track of who owes for the accommodation, activities booked, etc. You can post a regular update, but they will inevitably get lost down the page as the event fills up with comments and replies.

Sharing’s caring

You might want to plan the whole thing to make it a success, but remember, there’s no I in team and you’re better off sharing the load. We suggest giving a role. This’ll make things a whole lot easier, and will also make people feel more involved in the holiday if they’ve contributed in some way.

Be firm but fair

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While it’s important to keep the group happy, you do have to remind yourself to be firm with the group at times. You have their best interests at heart, so think about giving deadlines for confirming attendance, for example. Think about setting a date for when the deposits and monthly payments need to be paid by as well. This will be helpful, and people will thank you for it in the end.

Itinerary options are a must!

When planning your group holiday, different people like different things, and even though you are friends and interests are likely to be similar, it’s important not to pigeon-hole any activities you do. Have more than one trip on the itinerary option for day trips, activities and dining if you want to keep everyone pleased. Here’s the perfect time to remind people that there are no strict guidelines around a group holiday; keep it organised but not regimented, because, after all, you’re all on a holiday, not a school excursion, so don’t be the one to suck the fun out of the vacation.

Remember to relax

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Carrying on from the last point, it is really, really important to remember to relax on holiday. Even if you’re the appointed member who’s taken control of all things booking-related, don’t let the responsibility get in the way of your precious downtime. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hassle of planning that you end up getting stressed instead of having a good time.


After all the planning has been done, you can sit back and enjoy! Make the most of your time together and ensure you take plenty of photographs to look back on in the future with your friends!

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