Studies have suggested that the way in which we choose to live our lives, exercise and diet for example, can bear a significant impact on how we age. But research has indicated that it’s not just the things we do to help us age well that we should pay close attention to, but also the things we avoid.

A woman on a luxury camping in Wales trip who has been de-stressed

As far as cognitive ageing is concerned (these factors change our ability to remember and pay attention to things in everyday life) previous research focused on how diet or involving yourself in mental exercise such as Sudoku, and/or physical exercise has a bearing on our ageing. But it is in fact the stress we each go through in our lives that has a large part to play in our ageing process, and this is something that has, until now, been largely untested, so no evidence had been published. Here are some of the findings:


Stress in Life


It has been reported that negative aspects of cognitive ageing seen in older people seem to have a link with the degree of stress one experiences in one’s life. How is this tested? Well, it begins with the measurement of the number of stressful events experienced during a lifetime. Then a variety of factors varying from time in someone’s life such as a major illness or the passing of loved one, to something like moving house. People of a certain age who have gone through significant levels of stress are inclined to produce lower cognitive task scores when compared to those who have experienced less stress.

Remarkably, it’s also cited that old people who haven’t experienced much stress perform scores that are equal to that of young people, putting forward the suggestion that stress has a vast impact on mental ability and that the effect of this only appears in old age. Further research revealed that the scores from the young people in the study did not differ from each other in their performance of cognitive tests regardless of their life experiences in terms of stressful implications.


What can be done about it?


What we have been discussing might have been quite deep and difficult to comprehend, but if you think that stress is something that might be an issue for you and you want to do something about it, help is at hand. If you’ve ever been stressed, then you’ll no doubt know the feeling associated with it. By making sure you are aware of stress and any long-term consequences associated with it, it can be tackled, helping to lessen its results.

In order for us to find successful routes and paths to alleviating oneself from stress, you can try several different options. Glamping, such as luxury camping in Wales’ relaxing destinations is a source of relaxation, enabling you to find time to de-stress. Additionally, this can be used as a space in which to revisit and will be associated with happy memories. Furthermore, people find meditation or the latest practice of mindfulness to be effective. As with anything, these methods for de-stressing vary depending on the individual, so you should try different methods and find one that compliments you best. The end result will be substantial and can guide you on a happy course to ageing well.

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