american brewery invents edible beer packaging that could save our ocean’s wildlife

Whenever there is a new sustainable invention that can benefit the environment too, we are keen to promote it and get the word out. So when we discovered the news of an innovative design that has the ability to save wildlife as well as increase recycling, we had to see what all the fuss was about.

We weren’t disappointed and you won’t be either…

A turtle in the ocean swimming with beer packaging

A collaboration of two companies in the United States has come up with the wonderful invention of recycling brewers’ spent grain by making use of the husks and grist left from brewers’ barley, that is then used to create biodegradable and edible six-pack rings that hold cans of beer. A far more appealing alternative to the plastic versions we are all accustomed to, right?

Saltwater Brewery, from Florida and a company called Entelequia Inc. has teamed up to design and create an alternative packaging solution that is friendly to both the ocean and the environment as a whole.

When discussing the issues with plastic that we are faced with on a global scale, marine biologist Mark Tokulka said “An estimated one million sea birds and a hundred thousand marine mammals and sea turtles become entrapped in plastic or ingest it and die”.

Experts have revealed that the volume of plastic waste going into the ocean on an annual basis is currently gauged at around a staggering eight million metric tonnes!

Fortunately, there are companies who are taking notice of the issues that are causing the scourge in our beautiful oceans and the damage it’s doing to habitats and wildlife, and are looking at ways in which they can make a difference. Over the past few years, the market trend in beer in the Western world particularly has targeted a packaging solution by PakTech which involves big thick packing clamps designed to promote recycling as well as being difficult for wildlife to consume by accident. Unfortunately, at this time the problem is that the packaging is still made using plastic.

However, with the momentum that the two companies could build with their latest sustainable invention, we could well be seeing plastic packaging for beer as a thing of the past.

Now, President of Saltwater Brewery, Chris Gove says they “hope to influence the big guys” in the beer industry to make a sea change.

Gove said: “For us at Saltwater Brewery, giving back to the ocean and protecting it is part of our brand mission and way of life. But if these edible can rings could be implemented on a larger scale, think of how game changing that would be and how many ocean lives it would save.”

You can watch the video of this innovative invention below:

The packaging is seen to be the ideal replacement, particularly here in the UK with the summer coming, which means more people getting outdoors to enjoy the warmer weather, whether that be at the beach or on luxury camping UK breaks, which usually involves a refreshing cold beer to help you unwind.


Do you think this is something that we will all be using in the future? It’s certainly conceivable that it could be adopted by companies all over the world, and there’s no doubt that it could benefit nature, the environment, and sustainability levels all over the world. Let’s hope the idea becomes widespread sooner rather than later!

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