awe-inspiring solar eclipse will see the uk enjoy first astrological event of its kind for 16 years

There’s something very cool about a solar eclipse, and with the news that the UK is set to see a fresh and exciting new eclipse in March, we’re very excited! The last one seen in the UK was in 1999, although if you were too young to remember that one then you need not worry, because we’re going to be cast into a daytime twilight once again for this truly amazing astrological event!
Solar eclipse from 1999 in the sky above our luxury camping UK accommodation.

The earth’s moon will cover the sun, blocking out the light we see. If you want to see this spectacle then note the morning of March 20 in your diaries, as this is when it will be occurring, during the biggest solar eclipse in the last 15 years.

Almost 90% of the sun’s rays are going to be blocked in regions of Europe, and in a handful of places in Scotland there’s going to be as much as 94% darkness!

This amazing sight will begin in the UK at 8.45am, but you will have to wait until 9.31am to capture the maximum effect of the eclipse, when the moon is closest to the middle of the sun.

Only 50 minutes later the blackout will come to an end, at 10.41am.

Following this upcoming event you will have to wait until 2026 for the next Solar Eclipse.

Why not watch the eclipse from the comfort of one of our Devon glamping abodes?

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