how we benefit from the sounds of nature

When it comes to benefitting from the healing power of natural sounds, age matters not. You can have a baby, an infant, young child, or hormonal teenagers, all of them can use the sounds of nature to improve their lives. And that fact goes for adults and seniors too!

We can use the sounds of nature for reflection, creativity, meditation or simply to sleep. Here’s some highlights of the sounds of nature you can take advantage of while staying in our glamping UK abodes.

A picture of a lush green field full of flowers and trees near our Quality Unearthed abodes

Benefits for babies and infants

One of the major benefits for new-borns and infants is the soothing factor that sounds of nature offer. They’re great, particularly for when they are sleeping. In the case of most babies, outside noises can be found to provide a disturbing and disruptive influence, especially when they are asleep, so sounds of nature help drown out other noises that might cause an issue. The swaying sound of trees, and the leaves gently moving and brushing against one another are the kind of sounds to provide better rest when it comes to nap time for babies and infants.


Benefits for children and teenagers

Older Children and Teenagers can utilise the sounds of nature to drown out distractions from outside noises too. When it comes to relaxing, and yes, this does mean away from all that technology that consumes most of their lives these days, there is no better time to get a fresh start than when you’re away from everything and need to change things up a bit. This will result in better concentration and focus. College and GCSE students alike can utilise the sounds of nature when they are having to study. This will to help increase their focus as well.

Benefits for adults

The most common use of the sounds of nature, either at home or while on holiday when most are closer to nature, for adults, is sleep and meditation. We find that adults use the sounds of nature to create a calm, peaceful relaxing atmosphere in which they can escape from the stresses of everyday life- an ethos we firmly believe in. The sounds of nature are truly the gateway to stress relief for most adults. Step out of the eco pod or yurt on a cool summer’s day and partake in some yoga, or Pilates and let the noises around you take you into a relaxed state- you’ll never feel better! Even if they evening comes and there’s a drop of rain you can still take advantage. There aren’t many more soothing things than listening to the sound of rain pitter-patter on the canvas of your accommodation as you sit or lie cosy and content with loved ones.


These are the kind of things that will change your mental state for the better. Then, when it comes to nodding off, you can use those experiences to help you drift off, creating a longer and more peaceful sleeping experience. These sounds are a helpful way for you to allow your body to regenerate from head to toe. And if you needed any further convincing there’s always the beautiful sound of the birds to wake you up, and that truly is a treat when combined with the sun rising for the next day in paradise.


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