blue moon/super moon will be present over our devon glamping abodes tonight!

If you are in the Devon region tonight you have the chance to not only witness the first Blue Moon to rise over the skies of Devon for the first time in 3 years, you will also experience a Supermoon at the same time.

A clear image of a Blue Moon in the sky near Quality Unearthed’s Devon Glamping accommodation.


If you’re in Devon glamping tonight then you’re really in for a visual treat! If you fancy watching but you’re not sure what’s quite going on, a Supermoon takes place when the Moon arrives at its closest point to the Earth, also referred to as perigee. The Blue Moon will also look bigger and brighter than the ordinary sight of the moon in the night’s sky too.


Blue Moon? What’s that?


A Blue Moon is the manifestation of two full moons in one month, a rare occurrence, hence the well-known expression “once in a blue moon”, that we’re sure you will have used or heard of before..


It’s worth noting that if you are to watch this evening event unfold, you should make the most of it as there won’t be another Blue Moon until January 2018.


Fortunately, this evening’s weather forecast is predicting partially cloudy skies, but there should be sufficient chances to catch a glimpse of this month’s second full moon.


Image: Dylan Ashe under Creative Commons.

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