the british public took fewer holidays this year but staycations are flourishing

British people are taking less holidays, research carried out from the travel organisation Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) has revealed. However, this does not necessarily mark bad news, so let’s not get down in the dumps just yet.
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The study reported that the number of people taking a vacation dropped from 83% in 2013 to 80% this year, based on the 2,008 adults involved in the survey.

The people of Wales took the crown for the greatest number of domestic holidays, at 2.2 per person.

The poll did however show some positive news for staycations such as Wales glamping trips. It was shown that 68% of people took one UK holiday in 2014 as a minimum, which was 15% more than those who took at least one trip overseas.

The good news to come from the survey showed that 20% of people said they were anticipating spending more on holidays next year.

The number of people booking an overseas package holiday rose from 46 per cent last year to 51 per cent this year, with 41 per cent people taking a holiday both abroad and in the UK in 2014, compared with 39 per cent in 2013.

There was also an increase in holidays abroad of 1-3 nights, with Abta suggesting that the overseas city break had performed well during the year, perhaps helped by a strong pound making short overseas breaks more affordable.

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