Christmas is a time full of long-standing traditions, whether they be indulging in festive feasts, decorating the tree or leaving some treats out for Father Christmas and his reindeer. However, with more than two billion people celebrating the holidays globally each year, there are certainly some interesting variations! Here’s a list of some weird and wonderful traditions that mark the occasion from all over the world, for you to discuss on your glamping holidays this winter!

A host of Christmas traditions from all over the world to discuss on your glamping holiday. Which is your favourite?

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In Great Britain, roughly four fifths of the UK population reside in cities and towns. The country life you will experience when you enjoy one of our glamping breaks and yurt holidays is renowned for being unrivalled, so if you are considering going on a trip to the country and you’re wondering why people harp on about why it is such a good idea, we can help you understand more.

Here are 7 reasons why a break away to the countryside is so appealing:

Stay in a treehouse this summer and see forest views like this

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