You don’t have to travel far to experience an adventure holiday… believe us! There are plenty of epic journeys to be had right here in the UK, and with our glamping holidays, you can have the adventure of a lifetime. To highlight the adventurous side of the UK, we are listing some of the best spots to take the plunge and go diving in the deep blue. The UK waters are not as cold as may be thinking, with average temperatures somewhere between 15-20°C in summer, depending on location. Whilst there is plenty to see with shipwrecks and busy habitats to witness. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into our feature now…


Man scuba dives in the UK.

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To celebrate National Bike Week, we have compiled a list of the best cycle routes around the U.K to explore. From the coastal views along the trails in Devon up to the rugged challenges of North Wales, with a stunning backdrop of the Snowdonia mountain range, there is a route for every type of cyclist to try! To help you pick the best route, for you and your group, we have also highlighted who the trail best suits.

family leave their bikes on a coastal bicycle route.

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Summer is here, and we are seeing glorious sunny days, so now is the perfect time to plan a last-minute staycation break to make the most of the summer! For those of you that love the great outdoors and the coast (and who doesn’t?!), here are six of our favourite walks in the U.K:

Old Harry Rocks, Jurassic Coast, Dorset.

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With our need to have unique experiences that fit our values and budgets, glamping has become an appealing option for travellers. The UK has seen also seen an increase in Brits taking staycations over the last following years, with 4 out of 5 citizens stating they would take rather have an adventure back home according to reports by Go Outdoors. It is no surprise with the rising prices of holidays abroad!

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Are you heading off on holiday to Devon this year? Well, we’ve got some fantastic ideas on what you could get up to whilst visiting this beautiful area of the South West, 7 days worth to be exact.

7 days in Devon graphic

A week in Devon offers a range of experiences from laid-back wanders through the mighty scenery to adrenaline-fuelled adventures; there really is something to suit every taste! Explore hidden gems and local attractions from an insider and make the most of your trip glamping in Devon!

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There are hidden gems located all across the UK, attractions that are found off the beaten track and often overlooked. The fact that they are not well known is often one of the biggest draws to these magical places, as their untouched beauty leaves them unspoilt. We’ve decided to share with you just a handful of our favourite hidden gems in the UK that you can explore whilst on your glamping holidays 2017:

the smallest house in Britain located in wales
The Smallest House In Great Britain, Wales

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Although a holiday is usually time to let your hair down and break the dieting rules, you may find that making a few minor health tweaks to your holiday makes you feel more refreshed and helps you to make the most of your holiday! We’re not saying that you can’t indulge in your favourite treats to make your holiday complete, just simply take on a few of our tips and tricks to help you to feel revitalised and healthy at the end of your staycation:

woman doing yoga on her glamping holiday in Devon

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As we head into March, the flowers are beginning to blossom, the baby lambs are being born and we are starting to see some glimpses of better weather across the U.K. There is simply no better time to enjoy the spring than in Easter, when the children are off school on their Easter break, the weather is drier and spring is in full-swing!

That’s why we have compiled a list of some of the best spring events happening across the U.K to visit on your family Easter break. Whether you’re on a glamping UK break or staying in a log cabin, these are some of the best events happening across the Easter holidays:

Easter egg hunt you can enjoy during your glamping uk holiday.

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World Book Day was successfully celebrated in as many as 100 countries last year, and we’re sure you’d agree that sometimes there’s nothing better than just submerging yourself in a great book. A good read is something that goes hand-in-hand with the relaxing glamping experience you are sure to receive when you stay in an abode with Quality Unearthed.

If you want something new to read while you’re in the luscious county of Devon then why not check out our interesting feature on four famous Devon-inspired books, while enjoying a break in our glamping Devon abodes?

A book rested open near a beach at Quality Unearthed
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