Forgot about the 12 days of Christmas, it’s all about the 12 months of glamping here at Quality Unearthed. Each month, there are exciting events and picturesque views to be enjoyed across the breadth of Britain, and with our helpful guide, you will know exactly which glamping UK abode you should be booking.


The bedroom in the Challoners glamping shepherd hut.

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With the summer holidays now in full swing, parents are searching for some fun, family friendly activities to keep the kids entertained with. Festivals are a perfect option for this, offering a kind of ‘mini-break’ in a vibrant environment which caters to the needs of the younger ones, but also provides an array of enjoyment for the adults too! If you’re seeking out the best family friendly festivals this summer, we’ve compiled a list of a few of our favourites (many of which has fantastic glamping UK experiences that you will simply love)! Go on, book yourself a festival this summer and give the kids an experience they’ll never forget!


mother and daughter enjoying glamping in the Uk at a family friendly festival

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Having recently returned from Unearthed In A Field Festival, a quaint but unforgettable festival experience in beautiful West Wales, it dawned on me that for some people going to a festival might seem like ‘not their thing’, ‘something the kids do’, or something ‘only for the hippy types’.

While having a self-confessed interest in the environment, I wouldn’t class myself as a hippy. Now in my 30s, I am not seen as young (although I don’t feel my age), so what was I doing at a festival, and why should you think about trying one if you’ve never experienced one? I’ve got a number of great reasons for you. These may not all resonate with you, but with such a vast array of festivals to suit everyone these days, I’m sure that there’s a reason for you to check one out for yourself.

Let’s see if I can convince you, shall I?

Unearthed In A Field Logo

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Festival season is finally upon us, and we cannot wait to see what this season has to offer! Each and every year we see a new wave of innovation on the festival front, from luxury glamping accommodation options to new themes, quirky trends and massive headliners. 2017 is no exception, so if you’re looking to find the best festivals in the UK this year, look no further!

Looking to find the best festivals around the UK this year? We’ve got a guide to help you out!

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