Thanks largely to the fantastic previous events that were so successful in 2012, 2014 and 2015 the Unearthed In A Field family are pleased to announce that they will once again, by popular demand, be back for Unearthed In A Field 2016!

Unearthed In A Field 2016 Festival West Wales

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There’s a whole bunch of people out there who will have put together a bucket list of their own at some point, whether later in life or at a relatively young age. This list ties together the ultimate activities that a person wants to achieve in their lifetime, and can be made up of whatever the owner of the bucket list wishes; it’s personal and there are no boundaries.

The start of a bucket list, sure to include Glamping with Quality Unearthed

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Having recently returned from Unearthed In A Field festival, a quaint but unforgettable festival experience in Cerbid, west Wales, it dawned on me that for some people going to a festival might seem like ‘not their thing’, ‘something the kids do’, or a rather dated view that its ‘only for the hippy types’. While having a self-confessed interest in the environment, I wouldn’t class myself as a hippy, and now in my 30s I am not seen as young (although I don’t act my age), so what was I doing at a festival, and why should you think about trying one if you’ve never experienced one? I’ve got a number of great reasons for you. These may not all resonate with you, but with such a vast array of festivals to suit everyone these days I’m sure that there’s a reason for you to check one out for yourself.

Let’s see if I can convince you, shall I?

A colourful poster with words FREE HUGS at Unearthed In A Field festival Quality Unearthed, Wales.
Image courtesy of Jenni Van Wijk

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