In case you’d forgotten (how could you?!) it’s Pancake Day soon, and falls on February 28th, this year, but with many people looking to enjoy a healthier, more natural option, we thought that we would source a recipe that will have you licking your lips in an instant!

As people all over the country begin their annual flipping attempts (and fails), we take a look at what is on offer away from the traditional pancake recipe, which can be paired with a successful day’s foraging, that way you can make a tasty meal with pancakes and freshly sourced fruits, for example. You can follow our tips on foraging here:

Foraged strawberries to use with a vegan pancake recipe

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People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES), a UK-based wildlife charity has released the most recent factor in its continued orchard conservation programme: an interactive community orchard map, which lists in the region of 400 community orchard groups that are scattered around the UK.

An apple in an orchard near Quality Unearthed

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Here at Quality Unearthed, we love activities that tie in with our luxury camping UK holidays and that includes foraging. We have previously covered this before, but now that the summer is in full swing, we thought that we would give you some more great edible plant options that can be found among the local woodlands and hedgerows not only near our glamping spots, but near where you live too!

So here’s four tasty natural treats for you to forage for, and we’ve even got some information on how you can cook them so that you need not fret about getting it wrong. Bon apetit, and happy foraging, folks!

Meadowsweet can be picked when on glamping UK holidays

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National Vegetarian Week 2016 is taking place all through this week and in case you didn’t know much about the event, it incorporates a celebration of stories and traditions behind the food we eat, as well as sharing recipes and other delicious vegetarian-inspired ideas.

So instead of going mainstream and simply sharing recipes, we thought we would give you a chance to live life on the veg and enjoy our top tips and advice for foraging. Why? Because it’s a great activity to get involved when you’re at one of our glamping UK abodes and it also gives you the chance to learn a new skill while taking in the amazing nature and wildlife-rich surroundings while doing so.

So here you go, get stuck these tips and see how you get on:

A young lady foraging in the woods near Quality Unearthed

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