Treehouse holidays UK can be enjoyed by anyone looking to enjoy something different from their vacation while doing their bit to encourage sustainability. Joining the fight for sustainability is the US-based architecture firm Mithum, who unveiled their latest sustainability project recently, the self-titled Sustainability Treehouse, which was commissioned by The Boy Scouts of America.
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I found out about this story after I was looking for ways to build an off-the-grid home in as cool a way as possible, and quite frankly I fell in love with this one! I’ve been on yurt holidays and they are fantastic, but the magic doesn’t last long enough for me. Going on yurt holidays UK is a super way to get the experience and make some ever-lasting memories, and if you’ve never been or done anything like this then let this story captivate you.
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So this amazing new concept of solar roads was brought to our attention last week and what a fantastic idea it is too! The brilliant minds behind Solar Roadways published a video describing their potentially world-changing project earlier this month, but the way they marketed the video and the language they used didn’t really grab the attention of the audiences so a rather exciting remake was produced and has caught the attention of millions of people around the world.

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When you go on away on a luxury camping holiday chopping wood is not something most people will want to be partaking in. However, some people would be more than happy to let their outdoor persona take the reins in order to swing the axe.

Who wouldn’t you want this revolutionary new axe with you while you’re on glamping South Devon to alleviate the normally laborious task of log splitting with this impressive adapted tool? The Finnish inventor Heikki Kärnä invented this new kind of axe to make it much easier and safer, given the amount of effort needed to chop with a standard axe.

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When you take a trip glamping South Wales, of which there are many amazing destinations like our glamping Pembrokeshire or Gower spots you will notice the perfect patio area for you to enjoy. These are purpose built for our lucky visitors but some people are having a go at a bit of upcycling (which we love) by making their own patios from old pallets. There are so many things you can do with these pallets and this is definitely one of the coolest and most practical ideas.
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We’re used to talking about interesting and inspiring stories from glamping Devon adventures or treehouse inventions, but an interesting story has emerged from the United States this week that we couldn’t leave unreported. A sporting event which sees more fans attending than for any other single day sporting event on the planet- the famed Indy 500. Anticipated crowds of over 350,000 are expected when the race takes place, as it always does, on Memorial Day Weekend (May 25).

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