As the end of January approaches, the winter blues have well and truly arrived, and nothing seems more appealing than curling up inside on long and dark winter evenings. However, there are many reasons to resist the urge to hibernate and get out and about outdoors when it’s cold. We’ve looked at just three of the reasons you should head out on your glamping holidays this winter, for a unique and quirky break that will do you the world of good, as well as the ways you can combat the cold for maximum enjoyment.

Embrace the cold weather and get outside on one of our glamping holidays!

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It’s that time of year again folks, the time to make significant changes to aspects of your life you’re not completely happy with for a healthier and happier self. That’s if you stick to them at least. One popular New Year’s resolution for 2017 is to be more eco-friendly in the upcoming year. A great way to kick start this goal is by swapping the yearly Benidorm trip for a stay in our beautiful eco cabins. Here are our top 8 green resolutions for you and your family to try out in 2017:

How you can help look after our planet in 2017.

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With the end of 2016 fast approaching, the next few days are a time for reflection. Look back fondly over some treasured memories of the previous year as well as reflecting on the things you’ve learnt. The new year also provides the ideal opportunity to make any changes to your lifestyle or habits that will make for a healthy and happy 2017. Here is a list of some top New Year’s resolutions for you to pick and choose from:

Is glamping one of your New Year’s resolutions?

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People will tell you that “doing nothing” is lazy, but it’s in fact a skill to be learned for a large majority of people, particularly by today’s modern lifestyles. Before we get into this, we aren’t just making all this up to persuade you to head off on one of our luxury UK cabin holidays! It’s really not just a case of stopping as it is fair to say that’s far easier said than done. The idea that learning how to do nothing might be the most essential talent for flourishing in our increasingly hectic and sometimes overindulgent culture is simply crazy, right? Wrong!

Here are four great explanations why:

A person on a luxury UK cabin holiday looking out on to a lake and mountains

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There’s no denying that we are forever being bombarded with negative news stories and scary statistics, and this is why many of us turn to holidays like the glamping Sussex destinations we have where you can go glamping away from all the negativity. However, take a look behind the headlines and you might just find some surprisingly positive results.

Two happy women dancing in a field near Quality Unearthed

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We all know how hard people work to enjoy their holidays, and you want to make sure that they are as happy as can be. Obviously our glamping holidays are a sure bet for a great time, but in case you wanted to cover all bases, there are three proven scientific ways to ensure a happy family holiday.

We’ve got the three tips here, so check them out and see what you think, although it’s hard not to trust science, right?

Children enjoying piggybacks on glamping UK holidays

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