In case you’d forgotten (how could you?!) it’s Pancake Day soon, and falls on February 28th, this year, but with many people looking to enjoy a healthier, more natural option, we thought that we would source a recipe that will have you licking your lips in an instant!

As people all over the country begin their annual flipping attempts (and fails), we take a look at what is on offer away from the traditional pancake recipe, which can be paired with a successful day’s foraging, that way you can make a tasty meal with pancakes and freshly sourced fruits, for example. You can follow our tips on foraging here:

Foraged strawberries to use with a vegan pancake recipe

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The winter is almost over, but spring still offers those crispier temperatures at times, and there’s nothing more satisfying than a tasty Welsh delicacy to warm you from the inside out, in the form of delicious Anglesey eggs.  What better time to try this recipe for yourself than when you’re at a glamping North Wales destination? Of course you can try the recipe anywhere you like, but it gives that extra slice of authenticity, right?

Anglesey eggs - ideal to be cooked in one of our glamping North Wales abodes

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Whether you’re drinking it on romantic glamping UK trips, at a party, or at home with loved ones, mulled wine is a delicious favourite over the festive period, and it’s been around a long time too, since the 2nd century in fact. The original recipes were made with a combination of red wine, a variety of mulling spices and raisins. As the ages have rolled by there have been some delicate changes as far as the recipes of mulled wine today are concerned, while still keeping in touch with their roots.

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This week marks official British Egg Week, (5th-11th October 2015). Eggs are a wonderful way to stay healthy and are inexpensive too. But not everyone likes to consume them, and we like to be a little different to the mainstream, so instead of celebrating with eggs we’re celebrating one of our favourite dishes normally made WITH eggs that you can make WITHOUT eggs!

An empty egg box on a table at one of the Quality Unearthed UK yurt holidays


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