It’s that time of year again folks, the time to make significant changes to aspects of your life you’re not completely happy with for a healthier and happier self. That’s if you stick to them at least. One popular New Year’s resolution for 2017 is to be more eco-friendly in the upcoming year. A great way to kick start this goal is by swapping the yearly Benidorm trip for a stay in our beautiful eco cabins. Here are our top 8 green resolutions for you and your family to try out in 2017:

How you can help look after our planet in 2017.

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If you have ever been on a luxury glamping holiday, you may well have used renewable energy, such as a solar-powered shower. This is the type of thing that has led to the International Energy Agency (IEA) being able to release news that the capacity to generate electricity from renewable sources on a global scale has now been successful in succeeding coal.

A windfarm producing renewable energy near Quality Unearthed

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We’re all aware of the progressions that have been made in the world of tidal energy, and there is a significant amount of awareness that the ocean offers us an ideal source of renewable energy, in superfluous amounts no less. However, the true potential is yet to be harnessed.

A screenshot of the latest wave power tech on YouTube.

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In more interesting and encouraging news for the state of the UK’s solar power, it has been announced that it is set to surpass the 9GW solar capacity barrier this week, with the significant increase in ROO-FIT eligible installations, bestowing a large part of the reason for this.

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While many of us enjoy a cold beer on a warm summer’s evening in the garden, at a barbeque and of course while staying in glamping UK accommodation, have you ever considered that drinking more beer could indeed help to protect this ball of stuff we call home?  Just to clarify, this doesn’t mean heading to the local to sink half a dozen, we are actually talking about a New Zealand-based brewery who have come up with an ingenious creation that produces a fuel made using beer waste.

A pint of beer with a view near our glamping UK accommodation- Quality Unearthed
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Dubai-based company Access Infra Africa (AIA) are set to launch what has been hailed as Africa’s largest privately owned solar plant in Uganda this year, which coincides with plans to advance with electricity projects in as many as 17 African countries, mainly focused around renewable energy.

Rows of solar panels creating renewable energy - Quality Unearthed
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A tourist attraction in North Wales has revealed plans to build a brand new water ride, with the help of a £200,000 grant from the Welsh Government. GreenWood Forest Park, near Caernarfon, is set to welcome the ride to their attraction, along with exciting plans to install a host of solar panels, which will establish 80% of the power needed for the park to run for a whole year.

GreenWood Forest Park Entrance & the New Water Slide near Quality Unearthed Glamping, North Wales.
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