Being advocators of a sustainable energy we love to hear of new progresses and advances in solar energy. To some this latest talking point may come from an unlikely source, but if you know film-maker James Cameron for his other passions away from the movie world, you will know this is probably an invention that is set to mean something special is coming.

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Dubai-based company Access Infra Africa (AIA) are set to launch what has been hailed as Africa’s largest privately owned solar plant in Uganda this year, which coincides with plans to advance with electricity projects in as many as 17 African countries, mainly focused around renewable energy.

Rows of solar panels creating renewable energy - Quality Unearthed
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A tourist attraction in North Wales has revealed plans to build a brand new water ride, with the help of a £200,000 grant from the Welsh Government. GreenWood Forest Park, near Caernarfon, is set to welcome the ride to their attraction, along with exciting plans to install a host of solar panels, which will establish 80% of the power needed for the park to run for a whole year.

GreenWood Forest Park Entrance & the New Water Slide near Quality Unearthed Glamping, North Wales.
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