Summer is here, and we are seeing glorious sunny days, so now is the perfect time to plan a last-minute staycation break to make the most of the summer! For those of you that love the great outdoors and the coast (and who doesn’t?!), here are six of our favourite walks in the U.K:

Old Harry Rocks, Jurassic Coast, Dorset.

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The month of May is a time when spring has sprung, the flowers are in bloom, and the weather has begun to warm up. This means that those cold winter walks are a thing of the past, with spring allowing you to enjoy the true beauty of nature under the sun’s warming rays. Moreover, the month of May is #NationalWalkingMonth! A month meant for encouraging people all over the world to venture outside and take a few extra steps. Be it for health reasons, to enjoy the wonderful world we live in or simply an alternative form of transport; walking is a fantastic exercise. If you want to make the most of your walks this spring, we’ve got 5 ways to make your walk more exciting whilst on your glamping holidays 2017:

romantic walks on glamping holidays 2017

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Are you heading off on holiday to Devon this year? Well, we’ve got some fantastic ideas on what you could get up to whilst visiting this beautiful area of the South West, 7 days worth to be exact.

7 days in Devon graphic

A week in Devon offers a range of experiences from laid-back wanders through the mighty scenery to adrenaline-fuelled adventures; there really is something to suit every taste! Explore hidden gems and local attractions from an insider and make the most of your trip glamping in Devon!

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There are hidden gems located all across the UK, attractions that are found off the beaten track and often overlooked. The fact that they are not well known is often one of the biggest draws to these magical places, as their untouched beauty leaves them unspoilt. We’ve decided to share with you just a handful of our favourite hidden gems in the UK that you can explore whilst on your glamping holidays 2017:

the smallest house in Britain located in wales
The Smallest House In Great Britain, Wales

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Looking for an adventure this year? You don’t have to travel around the world to get one. Believe us. Wales has every outdoor activity you could possibly want, and many you may not have even realised were possible! There are even accommodation options that allow you to enjoy the great outdoors such as glamping; Wales is a magical country that every outdoor lover needs to explore and find out just why Wales is crowned the country of outdoor adventure!

Family cycle along Welsh coastal patch on their holiday.

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Spring is about to come into full effect, and yes, it may not always be sunshine and lollipops as far as the weather is concerned, but hey, that’s what makes for part of the fun, right?

Luxury camping holidays are a fantastic way to get outdoors and enjoy some of what truly matters. But if you were, just for a moment, wondering what it is you could do with your time, here are 18 things you should, in our humble opinion, definitely do with your time!

A beautiful blooming flower near Quality Unearthed

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As the spring approaches and the weather begins to warm up, it is finally time that we can all head back outside without the need of a thick winter coat, scarf, gloves, wellies and the rest! Spring is a very exciting time, when the flowers spring back into bloom, Easter celebrations take place and the activities that can be done are endless come rain or shine!

spring summer bucket lists

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What is hygge?

Hygge, pronounced ‘hoo-ga’, is the Danish term for ‘well-being’. This new trend that has swept across the UK and beyond, is the concept of going back to basics and living a comfortable and sustainable existence in order to promote healthy well-being.

Log fire and open book as part of the hygge lifestyle you could have on glamping holidays with Quality Unearthed.

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